If you understand the principle of silica gel products problem?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
After purchased new silicone products, the emergence of puzzling problems as a result, we are friends it is hard to get the answer to the consumer, so for not often know the structure of the silicone or friends can be found in the silicone raw materials you want to question why, silica gel products will appear in the middle of the production process of various problems, but can process problems from silicone products manufacturer to solve, and the problems of raw materials in the production of raw materials from the raw material suppliers to find the problem, so small make up for the consumer to find friends in some bad reasons in the process of using silica gel products. 1, silica gel products appear the phenomenon of oil: sometimes in some case, silicone bracelet, daily necessities of life of raw material physical carrier of the products will appear at the phenomenon of oil lubrication products feel very sticky, it is because the raw material into the silicone oil and white mineral oil mixture of cause clashed with white carbon black can appear the phenomenon of oil. This product is generally in order to make products better toughness, softness is stronger by adding a mixture. 2, silica gel products appear yellow: yellow phenomenon is the essence of ordinary silica gel products, general product after using for a long time will be the yellowing phenomenon through changes in the environment, but to add resistance to yellow agent can achieve the same yellow phenomenon or is USES the food grade silicone raw materials with the method of gas phase silicone raw materials, high transparent high strength high quality silica gel material ontology is not turn yellow. So you buy the products belong to the ordinary silica gel and no added lead to the product of the agent that fight yellow yellow. 3, feeling poor tensile strength of the product: is buying products appear tensile strength is poor, small back stretch even appear to break this kind of phenomenon manufacturers find reasons for this phenomenon from the silica gel products can also look for reasons from the raw materials, the raw material suppliers to add too much of amino modified silicone oil is for adding acid clay as a catalyst so as to improve the viscosity of silicone raw materials lead to different hardness of raw materials tensile poison and stretch reducing product life. 4, why don't the silicone products high corrosion resistant chemical: silica gel can be resistant to high temperature of 200 degrees or so didn't ability what on earth is the cause of the high corrosion products, silicone oil is actually one of the major reasons, silicone oil can be blended with sulfide produced different composition of catalyst reduce its viscosity, also can use alkaline substances by high viscosity, so as far as possible to add silicone oil in the middle of the silicone raw materials can avoid clashed with high corrosive chemicals. Xiamen silicone manufacturers - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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