Identify the iphone silicone case quality is better method

by:Keyuan     2020-09-05
Familiar with silica gel protective sleeve friends all know that, in recent years the rise of mobile phones more and more fast, silicone sets of emerging now in more fiery iphone11 silica gel protective sleeve, know the actual apple products launched should know that the silicone case, at least there will be two times when a new seasonal launch, but prices are expensive, so this sample many imitators also learned to network for apple phone sets, said that most of the friends here just pay attention to appearance but ignore the quality of product, for your love machine of choose and buy the cases whether you missed the quality reviewer what time? Silica gel set of one of the most commonly used modern electronics accessories, primary attention should or quality! Due to apple's official website silica gel protective sleeve custom processing may take one hundred experiment and strict inspection to achieve expected results, so for the quality of raw materials may have precise requirements, such as elasticity, tensile strength, rebound strength and toughness strength and so on a number of tests must meet, that this is a review of silica gel products manufacturers of raw materials, then the problem is coming! ! May you on a treasure to buy the products, there is no official launch of the comprehensive, material of any performance failed to test! So as a silica gel protective sleeve custom manufacturers need to prompt you, pictures of P can does not represent the physical product, don't be fooled by photos, good product appearance color also need to understand the performance of the material and quality, use for a long time after you will know! Expensive silica gel set prettier than so probably it is just a certain guarantee quality, cheap goods must is not good but good basic are not cheap, so when custom silicone cases still knew more about the silica gel after knowledge in selection, not blind to make a choice for you and help!
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