Hydrogenated nitrile rubber formulation design points

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
On the market at present common hydrogenated acrylonitrile content of NBR was 18% Between 50% and hydrogenation rate at 80% Within the scope of 99%. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber vulcanizing agent used for sulfur vulcanization or organic peroxide vulcanizing. Sulphur vulcanization need to have double bond to crosslinking polymerization owner chain for hydrogenation rate lower than 95% crosslinking rate is low, cannot use sulphur vulcanization. For more than 95% above the rate of hydrogenation hydrogenated nitrile is not special needs is rarely used, mainly provides the crosslinking of key site structure, strong enough to support rubber elasticity. Peroxide vulcanizing hydrogenated nitrile rubber, nitrile rubber vulcanization crosslinking relatively difficult, tend to increase the dosage of peroxide vulcanizing agent to make up for, at the same time using isocyanate improve activation degree, such as TAIC TMPT, etc. In terms of formula design and cooperate with the agent main consideration: 1. Sulphur vulcanization, by metal oxide, fatty acid as activator; 2. The use of organic fatty acids in hydrogenated nitrile rubber mixing processing aid; 3. Made from carbon black, appropriate filler reinforcing or fill meet the physical properties of rubber products; 4. Macromolecular esters plasticizer is used to improve the cold resistance of hydrogenated nitrile and high temperature proof for sex; 5. On the old system, have chosen to heat, resistance to take protective agent. 6. Secondly, according to the product of the specific physical performance indicators to add other chemical agents, in order to satisfy the demands of product quality. Related introduction: NBR NBR formula design | what is styrene-butadiene rubber styrene-butadiene rubber type formula requirements and purpose of ethylene acrylate rubber and the characteristics of AEM rubber and formula of the effective methods to decrease the cost of the silicone products formula compounding effect on the properties of rubber products in a silicone rubber product formula can help you solve the problem
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