Huawei's launch, the change of the intelligent silicone bracelet

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
As aficionados of bracelet adorn article, since silicone bracelet above appear in the market for, waiting for several days is finally conscience products, from appeared in recent years, intelligent hand ring between China's domestic brands have indeed close to the top level of science and technology, the popularity of brands from abroad to domestic hand ring, let many consumers have experienced personally test, so as the leading electronics enterprises in our country, huawei technologies in recently broke the intelligent silicone bracelet 'Eris' in the last week has started selling the world! At present this product can be divided into standard and GPS two versions, a total of five color color, main functional characteristics in 50 meters waterproof, besides the function of the features in product design and anti-collision function such as strengthening above and made strap pure high tensile silica gel material, stainless steel dial structure light armour, high-frequency ultrasonic welding, will tell from the overall appearance, simple and delicate, look an item, less to life, but a little more stable! According to the personal information from huawei, pay attention to the protection from function is their persistence, so using silicone rubber material as the strap is also for some reason, first of all, silicon rubber material color changeable, this strap is five colors, different colors for different industries as well as the age wear, second silicone rubber material belongs to the environmental protection material, the silica gel processing factory after high temperature molding process, make the silicone band to achieve within a certain temperature tolerance and soft tenacity. So the silicone material as this Eris strap, only in the suit, however, has not only show some spirit, more can see life! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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