how will the world look when robots ‘take over’?

by:Keyuan     2020-07-04
There is no doubt that artificial intelligence and robots are becoming an integral part of our lives, but should we really be afraid of the robot revolution?
According to the researchers, here are some of the ways in which our lives will become better. A four-
If current advances in automation and artificial intelligence are made, working days can become common for all of us (AI)
Recent research has shown that it has been well utilized throughout the British industry.
The social market base predicts that increasing productivity and output will not only put the country on a more stable economic base, but will hopefully achieve a better balance between work and leisure time.
But if we are to avoid the corresponding pay cuts, the benefits of hiring more robots need to be shared equally between the conference room and the workshop.
Whether it\'s a yearning for yurt, or picking up the cello again, more downtime is warmly welcomed as a long-term antidote to the UKworking-hours culture.
Ann Watson, chief executive of Semta, said she would go out more outdoors as long as she was given half a chance, but she also looked forward to having more time to accompany her
\"There is no limit to the potential benefits of automation when looking to the future of leisure,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s all about possible art.
The World Economic Forum predicts that the rise of artificial intelligence will create jobs.
When we are at work, the upcoming Machine Age offers us new opportunities, whether it\'s to improve our skills or to explore more creative, emotional intuitive tasks that we\'re not designing machines.
As previous generations have seen the slow decline in agriculture --
As the number of people in the office increases, based on jobs
New posts based on roles will appear-many of them, including app designers or data scientists, are unheard of even a decade ago.
While jobs will disappear, humans will need to lead robots in addition to the most basic tasks, which will result in a large number of new regulatory vacancies. A cool-
No mood or favorite supervisor manager, performing the most mundane task without complaining, sounds like a dream.
Therefore, it is no wonder that in recent studies, young workers in particular expressed a clear preference for robot bosses-without self and prejudice-rather than shortcomings --and-all human.
While the popular image of the robot is a piece of metal with extra functionality, the industry has a clear need for more versatile, curved machines made of silicone rubber, perhaps-this can be integrated with humans
Workers are easier.
Robots in the future look more like your average Derek or Diana than Dalek.
Having the robot look after your child for you, make you a delicate meal, or negotiate a raise for you can mess up its circuitry, but if there\'s a bunch of duplicate beans
After the calculation is completed, the cobot for the next table or workstation will become better.
MS Watson said that we are not worried about the rise of the robot overlord. we need to remember that the Homo sapiens are very responsible and will continue to be responsible for the foreseeable future.
\"I urge people to embrace the age of machines fully and recognize that only emerging AI technologies can improve the standard of living for the next generation.
\"The rise of fully autonomous robots not only poses complex questions to the military, but also to the whole society.
With the increasingly close human-computer cooperation in the fields of health care and education,
Looking at our inner purpose on this planet is to inject new life into ethics and moral philosophy.
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