How to use the sliding rubber seal to improve product performance

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
How to use the sliding rubber seal to improve product performance o-rings and other washers are most often used in static sealing application, which means that the seal connection and firmly fixed on the gland. This application will not damage by friction or wear. However, if relative to the surface of the gland seal, it is a dynamic seal, may need to lubricant to improve performance. Dynamic application there are two factors to consider: blasting friction and friction. Separation of the friction force is upsetting seal, and running friction refers to the force required to keep the seal. The three times of friction fault friction can be run. Certain compounds 1, select the appropriate rubber compounds than other compounds are more suitable for dynamic applications. Although nitrile and EPDM is suitable for dynamic application, but when used in the absence of lubrication, they tend to have higher average fracture or running friction. The tensile strength of the organic silicon and fluorine siloxane is poor, this means that they are easy to break. This makes them bad choice high-speed dynamic applications. Keep these materials, used to smooth the surface of the gland low motion dynamic applications. Fluorocarbon compounds are more expensive than most other compounds, and cannot be used with steam. It does, however, has better temperature and chemical resistance, and better run than most other elastomer and separation of friction. 2, choose rubber seal lubricants once you select the material, the friction force on the OEM project team will measure the seals. This will help you determine whether lubricant will be needed to improve the efficiency of the seal or life. 3, external lubricant hydrocarbon lubricant and silicone resin and barium grease can be used for inventory lubricant. These base lubricant and the powder ( Such as molybdenum disulfide and graphite) Is usually the best choice of the initial reduce friction. They are compatible with most of the elastomer, can meet the requirements of high temperature. In addition, they can also provide additional protection, prevent damage of oxygen or ozone. However, there are some negative factors to consider. If elastomers and external lubricant on chemical incompatibility, may cause parts stick together or otherwise interfere with the assembly operation. In addition, the external lubricant may by diluted into contact with the sealing fluid or through the collection of away from sealing and loss. 4, chloride and external lubricant, chloride can be applied to stock o-ring. This is a permanent process, can provide more smooth surface of the seal, reducing friction. Although it has no effect on blasting friction almost, but it can be used with external lubricant, the effect is very good. 5, internal lubricant lubricant is anti-friction, such as PTFE, graphite and molybdenum disulfide and mixed them into elastomer. Due to internal lubricant and its applied elastomer on chemical incompatibility, elastomer will discharge lubricant over time. Compared with other lubricants, internal lubricant can reduce friction, achieve more stable performance, and has better assembly efficiency. With external lubricant, ensure that the internal fluid on the chemical compatibility of lubricant and its contact. More details please consult rubber products
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