How to use the silicone cleansing instrument have effect

by:Keyuan     2020-09-10
Silicone cleansing instrument is washing a face in recent years the rise of a new type of tools, a lot of girls believe that wash a face with it will clean more thoroughly. But, in fact, most of the girl in the use of silicone cleansing instrument didn't know it, the correct steps how to use it? Most of the girls before wash face with facial cleanser, are all through the way of finger massage on the face clean, but since the advent of silicone cleansing instrument, this way of washing a face by girls gradually abandoned. Because most people believe that, rather than directly with the hand rub, using silica gel instrument to wash a face cleansing will clean more thoroughly, so the fact is it true? The advantage of the following three silicone cleansing instrument, believe to be able to tell you the answer. A, wash a face with silicone cleansing instrument can make foam cleanser quickly penetrate into pores, can more deeply clean the skin. Most of the silicone cleansing instrument used ultrasound to import technology, the purpose is to protect skin to taste more quickly into the skin pores. In the high frequency vibration, the pores of the skin to a greater degree and diastolic, coupled with the import of auxiliary instrument itself, can make all kinds of skin care products more easily penetrate the deep pores. Wash a face with silicone cleansing instrument, therefore, can more deeply cleanse skin pore, wash our face more clean. Second, the silica gel cleansing instrument is without hole technique, so don't worry there will be a bacterial growth. Silicone cleansing instrument and the brush head is no hole between cohesion, so after washing a face every time you just need to clean brush head effectively, don't worry about the instrument itself can carry bacteria. And than we carry bacteria hands at any time, using silica gel cleansing instrument will obviously much more clean. Third, silicone cleansing instrument of vibration frequency is very high, can quickly wash away residue in the face of any residues. Used silicone cleansing instrument knows, silicone cleansing instrument not only close, and when using vibration frequency is very high, so clean considerable efforts, whether facial grease, or in the pores of the residual cosmetics, can quickly and effectively removed. So, from the point of the above three points, using silica gel cleansing instrument can really help us to wash facial cleaner. But to effectively use the silicone cleansing instrument, but also need to pay attention to skills, especially the following three steps, never do wrong. The first step, relieve facial skin after discharge makeup, don't be so quick to daub cleanser, want to wet the face with warm water first, then with stomach gently massage face a minute or so. Such doing can make facial skin effectively relax, in this state of soothing clean the face, can get twice the result with half the effort. The second step, the use of silicone cleansing instrument silicone cleansing instrument of the brush head with warm water wet, the silica gel coated with a layer of foam cleanser, cleansing and then you can start to clean. Order should be the first to clean oil less parts, clean the part of the oil secretion is more vigorous, after starting on both sides of the face, and then the chin and forehead, followed by the nose, mobile, clockwise looped, such cleaning efficiency will be higher. Also need to pay attention to, the forehead and nose pore is relatively large, residual dirt may also be more, so the brush head can not stay a little longer. Brush the whole face, then the face cleanser rinse clean with water. The third step, cleaning silicone cleansing instrument after a lot of people in the use of silicone cleansing instrument, just remember to wash the face, but forget the silicone cleansing instrument is also need to immediately clean. The silicone cleansing instrument brush head on the faucet after rinse carefully, and then connected to the instrument, open the drying function drying it, so as to keep the instrument is clean, prevent bacteria breeding in the brush. Only three steps above are done, to guarantee the cleaning effect of the silicone cleansing instrument into full play, so the ladies don't slack off on these small details.
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