how to test brake caliper guide pins

by:Keyuan     2020-06-07
Refuel brake clamp rails before we reinstall
Insert the clamp guide pin into the clamp housing and it needs to be properly lubricated.
But keep in mind that it is better to check the service manual of your vehicle before doing this kind of work.
You need some high-
Temperature grease.
This is a synthetic lubricant designed specifically for machines that can withstand temperatures of several hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
The brakes generate huge amounts of heat because they are essentially a metal that is used to slow down the movement of another metal on the highway.
The last thing you want is that the lubrication on the brake caliper pin can\'t withstand the heat.
First, thoroughly clean the brake caliper guide pin and remove the excess grease or dirt left inside the brake caliper.
Coat them with high temperature grease.
From there you can re
Insert the pin back into the clamp case.
If you use enough grease, they should slide in directly.
Once these are back in place, you can complete the rest of the braking work-
For example, replace the pad and reinstall the clamp.
Some auto repair shops will skip the steps to lubricate the guide pin.
But while some say it\'s not essential, it\'s a good step to keep the brakes running and make sure they can withstand the wear and tear they face on the road.
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