How to repair the silicone entity dolls

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
How to repair the silicone entity dolls, a lot of people to face their own silicone doll is broken, and fold a hindrance, today will teach you some common used methods. Silicone doll is very soft, improper use are prone to rupture and fold, and even damage. In use, silicone doll in case of broken skin, please stop using immediately, be repaired. First of all, you can use repairing adhesive repair. 1. Although soft silicone products, but improper use will fracture and fold, and even damage. In use, do not use sharp objects in contact with silicon surface, Some people like to nail force choke pressure in areas such as the breast, try softness, often regret leaving nails printing, avoid by all means is avoid by all means. ) , 2. Do not cut the silica gel, silica gel, once produce incision, gradually in the direction of the incision tear easily when they continue to use, completely damage. 2. The silicone doll in the event of rupture, please stop using immediately, be repaired. Please use we provide silicone adhesive repair. 3. If there is a gap, please adjust the silicone doll to make split fold posture, cleaning fissure and surrounding besmirch, leave to dry after use glue daub fissure, fixed gap, wait for dry adhesive curing. Silicone adhesive cured need 24 hours, please do not move during extrusion doll. Consult the silicone products factory production worry about not having the desired effect, spend tens of thousands of pieces of the first experience of 2109 new entity silica gel doll, consulting entity silica gel doll experience pavilion: 13509802066 ( WeChat with Numbers) , near ZhangGe address in foshan, the first real silicone doll experience pavilion. Relevant article recommended: how much silicone dolls | domestic entity silica gel doll factory price
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