How to protect your 'silicone products'

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Since the silica gel products appear in our life, deeply the general love of friends, the rise in sales also day by day, with the change of the market, we all know many friends for silicone products, basic in each region has to buy, especially our common phone sets and watch belt, silicone products on the market very sell like hot cakes, but we seldom know for the protection of the silicone products, some of our friends had to buy a very good silicone products but don't know how to protect it, after an exception when we don't know how to clean and protect the killer for the silicone products very much, although silica gel on characteristics of performance is very good, but the artificial geological disaster, we don't know how to avoid, lead to the abnormal phenomenon of how to protect the silicone products? Our silicone accessories now contracted and delicate, basic can wear in each season, is also very popular, but in maintenance, we should pay attention to what issues? In the hot weather we easily perspire in movement, and is easy to cause the bracelet to sun discoloration, summer can bring less so, but you can feel of spray oil to prevent stains and anti-static, and have a sweat can clean with toothpaste, in hot weather when wearing the silicone products is the best way to maintain clean once a day, ventilated, dry. In temperature very good weather, especially when the sun is too big as far as possible don't sun for too long, if you don't do this silicone rubber products, or there is water, it is easy to change color, and exposure to silica gel products expansion deformation, if feel silicone products appear very aging phenomenon, then the basic can be replaced one, otherwise it may cause skin itchy feeling of panic, because the good silicone products also are family, usually a silicone bracelet non-artificial cases can wear two years or so, if it is very like to spray hot oil, can take to keep the color to wear, in a humid climate, the hardening speed of the silica gel would be accelerated, so try not to hand twisted pulling in wet weather, otherwise it is easy to fracture, silica gel is easy to burn, afraid of fire, flexible silicone products is very good, so don't use sharp things to friction and compared. Above for some maintenance method, silica gel products more question about the silicone products, can understand the silicone products manufacturer. Silica gel products now development is very fast, we may not be used now, but later will be used, now nearly and some metal silica gel, leather, plastic, jewelry, glass production, such as fusion also has some health care function, can scale, etc. , silicone products in our life, there is a lot. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. ( http: / /)
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