how to paint silicone rubber

by:Keyuan     2020-07-28
Whether you want to apply a special effect on a silicone rubber prosthesis, or just want to find a way to get the paint attached to a silicone cauldron that seals the edge of the outer window, the process is almost the same.
Because the paint does not stick very well to the silicone, certain preparation techniques are needed to encourage the adhesion of the paint.
If you need to paint silicone rubber, you need to learn these techniques before you start.
Clean the silicone with soap and a wet rag.
Rinse the surface thoroughly before continuing.
Let the surface dry.
Apply the tape of the blue painter to wherever you want to protect from the paint. Apply oil-
Silicone rubber primer using 1-1to 4-inch oil-
Based on the brush.
Apply a thin coat. Do not over-
Apply, or you may end up running or dribbling.
Dry the surface for three hours. Clean the oil-
Brush with mineral spirits at least three times.
Latex or oil-
Apply the paint to the surface in the same way as using 1-1 primerto 4-Inch brush.
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