how to make popsicles without molds

by:Keyuan     2020-06-11
Make Popsicles without shop to buy moldit\'s easy!
If you, like me, can\'t afford, can\'t find, or have no room to buy fine popsicle molds, you\'ll be happy to find it easy to make frozen food with the materials you already have in your home.
I have been making my own popsicles for years without popsicles mould and they are just as good (
Well, they\'re actually much better)
More than anything you can buy from the store.
As I tried to recycle things, I made popsicles with empty food containers and cups and other common household items.
On this page I will show you some tips for my homemade popsicle at home, no mold or any expensive equipment.
If you have some ripe fruit ready to mix into a frozen dessert, you can make it right away without going to the store or ordering the mold online.
Photo source: Emmaline learned through photopin ccFind how I made these delicious tropical snacks below the page.
You may not think your champagne flute is suitable for making popsicles.
But they did a very good job in this role.
They are long and thin, making an elegant Popsicle to entertain adults at a barbecue or family party.
I particularly like the fact that you can layer a mixture of several different colors in it to make them look very special.
Don\'t if you\'re worried about damaging your glass flute.
They only need to be frozen for a few hours, and then you can remove the persistent organic pollutants and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for delivery.
You don\'t have to give the glasses to the guests, and you don\'t have to stress that they broke anything when trying to take out the dessert.
Sure, you can use them if you have plastic champagne cups.
Also, don\'t forget the glasses and coffee cups.
They are the perfect size for children or light eaters.
Photo source: a few years ago I stumbled upon the idea of making a sliced popsicle and since then I have been unable to get rid of the idea from my mind.
It\'s like this: Pour the popsicle mixture into the plastic wrap
Bread made of lined bread tin or silicone.
Put in the refrigerator until semi-frozen, then insert the wooden pop stick along the middle length of the tray.
Once frozen, cut between the sticks and remove the Popsicle. Voila!
I haven\'t had a chance to try this yet, but the photos I see look really good.
Juice boxes do you know that you sometimes Box those cute little juices in your child\'s lunch box?
Those who make you feel guilty because after drinking 3, the small box is thrown into the trash can?
Well, you can save that box and make a healthy popsicle while reducing the amount of packaging in the landfill.
All you need to do is save the juice box, cut off the small rectangle at the top and pour in the popsicle mixture.
Freeze for about an hour, then insert a stick before freezing for about an hour.
Parents who are really short on time and energy (a. k. a most of us)
You can freeze the juice in the box instead of mixing it yourself.
Just cut a crack at the top with a sharp knife and insert the stick.
Isn\'t that great?
Using juice boxes as popsicle molds, try not to buy juice boxes too often, as they use a lot of packaging for a product that will be consumed quickly.
But now I don\'t have to worry because I can
My homemade popsicle used the box several times.
There are different shapes to choose from-
I prefer the higher and thinner juice box because I think it is easier to take than the short and sturdy popsicle.
Pictures of Mattes [Public domain]
Through Wikimedia, what can you make popsicles?
I like to go online and find the coolest cold and popular recipes.
But most of the time I don\'t use any recipes and only use the stuff in the fridge.
Popsicles are a great way to run out of what you lay down and turn into delicious food.
Here are some of the things you can freeze in your DIY popsicle mold.
Adjust the sweetness according to your taste.
Seasoned yogurt, or plain yogurt mixed with fruit chocolate. Tea, kefir, or other fermented beverages from Pudin Kangba. Pure nuts are mixed with milkA milkshakes and you have not finished fruit juice or ginger beer which is pure syrup or mixed with water pumpkin (
Or prepare jelly for my English companion :)
One day I put a small bucket of fruit flavored yogurt in the fridge and soon got close to the best level before the date.
I am not in the mood to eat like I am now, I put a small plastic spoon in it and put it in the fridge.
A few hours later, I had the simplest frozen yogurt dessert ever!
You can use the store
Buy yogurt as a potential popsicle or you can clean the empty container and use it as a mold for your own mixture.
I especially like the original yogurt mixed with honey and mango cubes.
It is healthy, full of beneficial bacteria and easy to make.
By the way, you can also reuse any small washable container for your Popsicle.
Those little ice buckets.
Cream or a small box of sour cream/cream frozen/tomato sauce is good to use.
Photo source: One of avlxyz\'s simplest DIY popular molds through ccin ccPaper cupsOne is paper cups.
You can find different sizes of popsicles suitable for children and adults, they make it easy to remove popsicles.
You can wash the used cups and use them again if you want, but I admit that you can peel off the paper for the sake of being faster and easier.
In any case, it is useless to buy beautiful colored or patterned cups.
Stick to the big bag in pure white and they will do a good job.
This short and sweet video shows some ways to make Popsicles without a mold.
I would suggest putting the stick in within an hour of freezing instead of the 2 hours as shown here.
What type of popsicle do you like best?
Ice cube trays make great sized popsicles for young kids.
I know my 2 year old can easily hold my homemade ice cube tray pop in the store
The version bought was too big to melt before he finished half.
The interesting thing about using the ice cube tray is that you can make twice as many ice bars as ice cubes!
Sometimes I make a water or juice popsicle
Coconut water and mint leaves, or cold Berry herbal tea are good.
Any remaining persistent organic contaminants are placed in a large pot of water and they are subtly seasoned in a very good way.
I cut my stick in half with a regular kitchen scissors and put it in a semi-frozen Popsicle tray.
In this case, they are the perfect size.
Baking tray and silicone mould you have muffin plate, brownie square mould, or candy mould (or even soap)making?
All of these are great popsicles.
Simply pour the pop mixture and freeze for a while before inserting the stick. Easy peasy!
I prefer silicone products because they make it easy to remove popsicles.
Of course, you can use it if you have a metal or plastic mold around you.
You may need to pour hot water on the back of the mold for release of persistent organic pollutants.
I prefer silicone for the convenience of taking out the Popsicle. I have a few silicone baking trays in different shapes in my home.
They\'re great for kids.
The small size means reducing the consumption of sugar, reducing waste, and interesting shapes that children expect.
Once you start making your own popsicle, it becomes addictive!
My favorite popsicles so far are avocado lime and berry yogurt.
Here are some of the greater recipes that you can easily make in any diy popsicle mold.
Some are great for kids, while others
Like a delicious pops Tower
Great for an adult dinner party or BBQ.
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