how to make homemade silicone bracelets

by:Keyuan     2020-07-18
Bright and colorful silicone bracelets can be made from sheets made of silicone at home, which are sold as silicone rubber composite sheets.
Another option is to re-
Use a brightly colored silicone baking tray and convert it into a silicone bracelet.
Execute a letter
The Type stencil also allows you to customize the gift bracelet, and you can also add charm with jump rings, curly beads and closing results to the silicone bracelet.
Measure the dimensions around the wrist with a flexible tape measure and add an inch to the measurement.
This size is the length of your bracelet.
You also need to determine the width of the bracelet you want.
Put the silicon film on a flat surface.
Use your measurements as a guide to place a clear graphic ruler on a silicone sheet.
Cut along your size with sharp scissors to avoid jagged edges.
Lay the silicone bracelet flat on the working surface.
Positioning a letter
Type the template on the surface, write a sentence or sentence, and personalize your bracelet with a permanent mark.
Another option is to hand write your name, or draw a simple pattern on the bracelet to customize it.
Don\'t add artwork on the inch side of the add, it will be part of your shutdown.
Apply transparent silicone glue at the end of your printed bracelet\'s added half inch.
Apply the adhesive only on one end of the bracelet.
Hold the adhesive end in your hand.
Bend the remaining end and overlap it to the adhesive end to form a circle.
Do not overlap the ends more than the inches you added to your wrist measurements;
Otherwise, the bracelet won\'t slip through your hands and wrists easily.
Press the end of the bracelet together for at least one to two minutes, so that the end begins to bond together.
Place the bracelet on the working surface and let the adhesive dry according to the drying time recommended by the manufacturer.
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