how to make an acrylic cylinder

by:Keyuan     2020-07-16
Acrylic is a plastic that you can use to make various shapes at home.
This plastic is strong, no.
Toxic, basically inert, makes it safe and attractive for many craft projects.
The resin needs a mold because it is liquid before curing.
You can buy or make your own resin mold with silicone rubber.
The mold is suitable for complex shapes and also for very simple shapes such as ordinary cylinders.
According to the instructions, use a disposable plastic cup with a process bar to mix some silicone rubber with its catalyst.
Rubber and catalyst are included in the kit.
Pour a thin layer at the bottom of your box.
Place a cylindrical object in the box at the top of the silicone rubber to the exact size and shape of the acrylic cylinder you want.
Pour more silicone rubber around the cylinder until it reaches the top.
Do not cover the top of the cylinder or dump it on the lip of the box.
Wait for the rubber to solidify.
Curing time varies from brand to brand.
Remove the box and cylinder.
If it is difficult to remove the cylinder, please carefully make a piece along the mold with a sharp knife until you can pull out the cylinder.
To prevent leakage, you have to fix the mold around the slice with rubber bands or similar items.
Release the spray inside the mold with the mold.
This makes it easier to pull out the acrylic part and save the mold later.
Mix resin according to instructions.
Typically, you will need to mix the equal resin and hardening agent included in the kit.
Mix fully and scrape the sides of the Cup, but don\'t push too hard as it may increase the bubbles.
Don\'t mix much more easily than you can and can be used in a few minutes.
Pour the resin into the mold.
Tap the mold to encourage bubbles to rise to the top.
If you are making a large cylinder, you may want to pour it in stages, fill the mold halfway, wait for it to partially solidify, and then add more.
This is because when the resin is cured, it becomes very hot, and many of the resin will melt the mold at the same time.
Wait for at least a full day before removing the cylinder from the mold.
Again, if you are having trouble removing a cylinder, you can cut the mold without making it impossible for the mold to be used to make another cylinder.
Use a craft knife to scrape away any excess or unwanted resin that may leak through the slit in the mold.
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