How to locate the creative silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Today we talk about the silicone products for some of the ideas, silica gel products mainly by mixing rubber molding processing, before molding, or take the form of raw rubber, silicone products mainly by mixing the mixing process, the current domestic solid and liquid silicone is such a process, the processing technology of liquid and solid, the products is different also, relatively speaking, more soft, liquid silicone products such as silica gel bottles, silicone nipple, and so on are all belong to liquid silicone production and processing. The solid silica gel products mainly appears in a certain hardness in our life, is not each product requires that softness, some require a certain hardness of silica gel products, under different hardness will have different effect. But all of the silica gel products from the current view, there have been many new wave, especially the emergence of creative silica gel products, the ideas of silica gel products currently on the market is also very hot, such as silicone folding bowl again, this is a need not when can be folded into a flat object inside the package or inside the store content ark, just like the silicone folding bowl has functions and the silicone folding cups, silicone folding pet bowl, these are a form of creative silica gel products. Is gradually into people's life, in the first half of 2014 Shanghai creative products on display there have so of silicone products. And those based on hardware accessories of silica gel products, for example, refrigerator bottle opener, why call? From the name is very creative, because in this product with a fitting is a magnet is given priority to, when we use from the surface of the refrigerator, when not directly can stick to the fridge. Very convenient, outside of the magnet is wrapped in a layer of silica gel, hard on the above will not hurt it, very soft, is now into many small shops or supermarkets are selling. This kind of silicone products are in the form of creative, in the near future, there will be more and better silicone products appear in our life, looking forward to your attention.
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