How to improve the friction coefficient on the surface of the silicone rubber products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Improve the coefficient of friction on the surface of the silicone rubber products and the factors influencing the vulcanization silicone rubber products surface friction coefficient. In addition from the consideration on the rubber formulation, when the design hardness floor products such as: under the condition of the physical properties of raw rubber in meeting with high elasticity; Choose the proper swelling rubber plasticizer best surface tension; Vulcanization system selection of other physical properties at the same time, or the high elastic! ! Filler selection high wear-resisting degree of surface friction coefficient, Glass fiber, diamond, etc. ) 。 Considering the wear resistance of silicone rubber products, are commonly used in rubber roller characterization in the majority of the industry; The rubber roller wear type has two kinds: ( 1) Low hardness, high friction. Choose large size, high structure carbon black, such good dispersion, reinforcing sex is low, can bring a good surface appearance to products quality, low reinforcement to moderate hardness increase at the same time. ( Design starting point: the hardness is low, the rubber has good elasticity, so he squeezed at the contact point, after cashing out the elastic, contact area, large friction. ) ( 2) High hardness, low friction. Choose fine particle size, structure, high surface activity of carbon black. The carbon black can be combined with rubber closer, reinforcing high, at the same time has good dispersion, can improve the appearance quality of the surface of the product. Recommended products: wear-resisting silica gel is the most important keys to understand: high hardness, low elasticity, friction force is small; In addition, the surface roughness of silicon rubber products have great influence on the coefficient of friction. So below for rubber to improve the silicone rubber products surface friction coefficient under everyone says the most direct way: 1. The roughness of the surface friction coefficient, one of the most direct way: make rough surface of silicone rubber products with respect to OK; 2. Because silicone rubber at the same time, there is friction and hysteresis friction. So it is ok to do lower surface hardness; 3. The oil amount ( Should all understand) ; 4. Mooney high silicon rubber, rubber content slightly higher friction coefficient is high. Above is the friction coefficient on the surface of the silicone rubber products promotion way, anyhow do different products, the performance requirements are different, the product problems can be directly contact with rubber. Silicone rubber other coefficient parameters recommended reading: silica gel material coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity, rounding
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