How to improve the brightness silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
General surface can shine goods, always more than the fog the goods please attention, such as silica gel products is the same, so the silicone factory will tell you how to improve the brightness of the silica gel products. Recently heard a lot of friends, think of buy enough visible surface of silica gel products, lacked, let a person shine at the moment of that kind of feeling, such as silica gel protective sleeve, silica gel gifts, silica gel adorn article, etc. The most product surface are the mist on the market, but we often see a lot of small commodity are belong to the shiny reflective material, such as TPU following, packaging plastic case and so on have the design of shine, naturally, also can do the silicone industry can let a person feel shine at the moment. Electroplating technology is mainly applied to the metal in the industry, that is using the material of metal casting basic surface can make the product more clearly! For silica gel products factory, metal mould can be used after finishing grinding polishing plating process, main technology and REDOX process will electrolytic parts in metal salt solution as cathode, the metal plate as anode, after dc power supply, deposit the required coating on the parts. For silicone products manufacturer mold electroplating technique belongs to the common life of the product, will be relatively strict with appearance and raw materials, so to ensure the product appearance is smooth and bright. Electroplating of mould is than polishing sand mould more expensive, showed more smooth, in the product release and are in the process of production has a certain advantage, relative to other products the surface more smooth, feel is feels more comfortable, more prominent in the market. So want to higher the appearance of brightness, and green environmental protection, performance outstanding friend also can choose in the silicone material to find!
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