How to improve the appearance quality precision silicone products?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
To sell to consumers in the inside of the silicone rubber products industry quality silicone products mainly by the texture and quality is good, since the down side is the core element of the silica gel products, the surface of the product line thicknesses and perfect degree determines its aesthetic, why a lot of silicone commodities have chosen grinding processing die line, formal appearance because of the parting line completely erased, and in the process of silica gel products factory production, mold parting line is unavoidable, parting line, can produce all products series products and processing and the method to avoid it and there are a lot of, specific need to see from what respect began to deal with! Parting line of the size of the core reason mainly comes from the mold, such as mould product parting in work on touch perfectly, the product of the parting line will be fine, so in the process of making mould products of steel selection is very important, steel influence long-term after pressing the wastage of the products, the better the steel die line shelf life, the better, followed by the CNC computer gong machine precision, precision of the milling cutter and knife repairing of debugging and, of course, is the key, up and down the die cut of the moulding line, products in the process of making natural there will be a very good since the burrs down the line, make product nature more beautiful. Production and processing is an internal control problem of silicone products, silicone products manufacturer in the process of processing such as no control material weight is likely to cause too much burrs extrusion die line is too thick, the parameters of the second level and the controls, such as pressure, exhaust and the influence of temperature and so on has certain. Material is the key of the silica gel products die line thickness, is generally good materials in the process to open side won't appear in the process of indirect fracture, jagged and feeble phenomenon, and higher tensile silica gel material when solidified into type such as mould parting line is poorer, the estimate will be hard to dismantle the edge of the phenomenon, and if at the time of mixing materials have a sticky roller or greater viscosity material products may appear when at the edge of the open saw the dentate line. Structure is very important, and many times due to the appearance of the need to make the product more beautiful so will often die line do see in some position, and this kind of structure is likely to increase the complexity of the mold and production difficulties, and long-term production after parting line becomes thick, the appearance of the product is becoming more and more ugly, but the main reason is because many of the structure of the after remove the changes in the follow-up mold without method in repairing the demolition, cause the damage of the mould can't repair, over time the mold will be scrapped.
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