How to do the silicone products sales business

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
According to this article is a nearly six years silicone rubber products sales clerk, tell you how to do the silicone products business, tell you interview the silicone products company and how to make the company hire you; And he wrote down his own experiences. He said: in fact sell is the product of the interview to sell yourself. How to get your interview the company hire you, and get the ideal treatment, and how to sell your product, is the same truth, six years ago, when I interview to hit a wall everywhere, into the rubber industry or on someone's face, technical director reluctant to accept my this seemingly good shy boy, nothing six years later, basically don't use what to do to prepare for job interviews, even resume don't need, is mostly a fix. Here to share my experience with you. Browse recommend hiring silicone products foreign trade salesman | silica gel products factory recruiting 1, the interview you should have enough confidence, don't be nervous, I just eat this lost 6 years ago, a nervous you failed half, have no confidence you will lose the other half. 2, do the silica gel products business, first of all, let your customers know your value, with what you have. Like sell release agent, you can use your release agent and the customer said can make silicone products demoulding time shortened, improves the efficiency, but also can reduce power consumption, save costs, reduce the defective rate, improve the surface finish of the silicone products, improve the quality of the silicone products, only a small amount of investment, can save a lot of cost, let your customers feel really excellent quality and reasonable price, he can not move? Then you have succeeded half. Interview, too, want to tell you the interview of the enterprise, use your benefits, for example, if you can help the customer will be even more optimized formula, in does not affect the performance of the case to reduce costs, you have excellent technical skills, business hard to list, you can be developed, and so on, must let enterprises feel the work you will get a good return, your little salary completely negligible. When companies feel on your basic investment risk coefficient is zero, you will be successful, pay as you drive. With the enterprise scale corresponding to the was no problem. 3, the tone of the speech must be sincere, and let your customers feel, don't let you feel you like a fool in his conversation object, if you feel this way, then you are lost, like many salesman seems to very well, everyone seems to friends all over the world like to, the performance is not good, the main reason is because sincerity is not enough, let a person feel he is to sell dogskin plasters, don't think it's a good use, it is a good product performance, of course, is not coming on. The interview is the same. 4, don't let a person feel you are in for him, let him feel you are in to help him. If he felt the you ask him, maybe just pulled up, you will lost the initiative. As an aside, some must stand erect to do business friends, it would be much better results than you ask for, the society has no compassion, you tall hard, others take you as individuals. Character is very important. 5, can be appropriately kowtowing to under, but enough is enough, the horse is the highest realm of you kowtowing to the somebody else, somebody else just feel cool, don't feel like you are completely in flattery. He great influence on you and increase a point. ( I also sent far away the point, talent might be the problem? ) 6, learning is very important, no matter how to brag, or purchase is made, no goods, even if you are successful for a while, soon will fail. Do business, somebody else bought your products this time, the result is not good, next time won't buy it. Work is the same, even if people admit you, couldn't you do the result, soon will be fired. Above is a nearly six years silicone rubber products sales clerk summary by silicone industry experience, deficiencies and supplement. Finally need silicone products, please contact us directly. Related:] Can be used for commercial promotion gift of silica gel products
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