How to distinguish the silicone products quality is good or bad

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
How to distinguish the silicone products quality is good or bad? What are the benefits? Can let you forget a lot of trouble, of course, the bad quality of silica gel products not only let you spend the money, may also affect the user's health. Silica gel products are many, the kinds of different silicone products to identify quality also is distinguishing, in short, to grasp the method of two major will be able to identify the quality of the silica gel products. How to identify the silicone material is authentic? Some manufacturers in order to save the cost of using other similar silicone material as silica gel, they have similar to silicone material hardness, handle, elasticity. It is difficult to use intuitive judgment of true and false, and these materials relative to the silicone material cost is low, service life is shorter, aging resistance and other relevant properties has a great gap with silicone material. For the above this kind of product, we can take the flame burning method to identify, authentic silicone products after flame burn does not produce a lot of smoke, will only produce a small amount of white smoke, and combustion is completed, will only leave a few white powder, the white powder is silicon dioxide. If it is other than the environmental protection material can produce a large number of black smoke and plastering material. Second, how to identify the silicone products are qualified? As silicone products are the molding, and product quality was in large part by the mould design is reasonable at this time I need to check whether the product winger is a craze, silica gel products once appear crack, the product was lost, and this phenomenon is caused by hem the mould design is reasonable, so we looked in the silicone products, we will be lose not fatal flaw product selection.
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