How to distinguish between other is silicone and rubber?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
In daily life, we will direct or indirect access to a lot of silicone products, which brings very much convenience to our lives. But still, there will be a lot of people will be confused with silicone rubber, silicone actually is just one of the rubber material, in addition to the silicone material, rubber also includes natural rubber, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, PVC, epdm, etc. ; So what is the difference between silicone rubber, how can we distinguish them? Rubber with high strength, insulation, sound insulation, damping resistance, abrasion resistance toughness and resilience, has good scalability and the ability to store up energy. Usually as a sealed insulation anti-skid wear-resisting parts are used in the industrial field, such as automobile tires, non-slip, seals, wire and cable, rubber stopper, metal plastic bags, etc. ; And silica gel is belong to environmental protection non-toxic materials, it is not soluble in water and solvent, have excellent softness and dielectric properties, high and low temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, easy clean long life; Often used as a daily necessities of life, and kitchen utensils and appliances, medical equipment accessories, adult supplies, cases, the key cap, etc. Here are the four silicone rubber of rubber bring distinction method. Weigh even if two of the same size appearance color of silicone rubber products, we can through the comparison analysis of silicone and rubber weighing, because the density of the silicone material is far lower than the rubber material. Resistance to low temperature by placing a silicone products and rubber products, three to five minutes in the condition of low temperature in certain feelings between the hardness under different temperature conditions, soft silicone material, and is a hard rubber material. Also, for example, high temperature resistant oil resistant silicone and fluorine rubber products in one - 40 ℃ environment, fluorine rubber handle hard than silica gel. Resistance to high temperature by silicone and rubber at the same time in a high temperature oven three hours of curing bake comparison: silica gel in the second after high temperature baking can not only remove odor completely, but also to reach food grade silica colloidal impurities discharge within the standard; And falling rubber resilience can not only at this time, there will be obvious pungent odor, even appear rupture phenomenon. Combustion method by high temperature combustion silicon, rubber products, we can through the analysis it is concluded that the material of products, for example, silica gel combustion is white smoke burn will produce white powder, and rubber is most smoke, epdm, natural rubber in the combustion flame is small, nitrile rubber, PVC fire will fire when burnt splash, fluorine rubber, chloroprene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber self-extinguishing phenomenon occurs on the combustion.
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