How to disinfect the silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-08-24
Silicone and rubber is a very highly active adsorption material, made of silicone products also known as environmental protection silicone products, the silica gel products have stable chemical properties, non-toxic tasteless, does not dissolve in water and any solvents, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance and other advantages, so it is widely used in daily life. Silica gel products soiled items will affect the appearance of beautiful, so how to disinfect the silicone products? Disinfection method of silica gel products have? Disinfection method 1 silicone products, silicone can completely with water for cleaning and disinfection, if not so smooth, uneven we can find a small hair brush to clean gently; If not clean, can use soap daub on the cleaning and disinfection; 2, unwrapped silicone products, directly into clean water immersion; 3, if it is heat we can use alcohol to disinfect of the silica gel; 4, can also be soak in warm water pollution, and silica gel products when besmirch is dissolved by water, reoccupy hand knead, until all stains rub off, then wash with warm washing fluid, clean with clear water; 5, with a small rinse with some xylene, immersed in the silica gel, with a paper towel soaked in xylene silica gel, with cloth wipe up finally. 6, if the dirt above a lot of silicone products, gently scrub with a soft brush with a little toothpaste, can also achieve the purpose of disinfection; 7, disinfect silicone products with alcohol, the alcohol can't use too much, otherwise the silicone product will be yellow, and then use hair dryer dry silica gel products, not in the sun to dry, also does not have the necessary, it is ok to hang in the room, silicone products, dry quickly.
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