How to determine the silicone high-end and low-end market following the factory do

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
Domestic large and small silica gel following from the factory have thousands, how to determine the manufacturer of high-end market or the low-end market is do? This question is very simple, actually from our products, quality, service above you can see out. Here are in high-end silica gel following from factory silicone technology, for example, from the equipment, technology, the interpretation of specific quality. ( A) Equipment of the gap between the low end the market silicone following from the factory to product requirements is not high, but not strict speed for the product. Usually this kind of factory, only the vulcanizing machine, mixing machine, CNC cutting machine and other basic equipment. Manufacturer of silica gel technology and high-end market, in addition to the basic production equipment, also equipped with food-grade, anti-static, secondary sulfide and other processing equipment. Through the following after the processing, feel or performance, are better than no deal with the following. ( 2) Low-end market manufacturers of technology gap can only produce for you, don't provide any technical support and services. High-end silica gel silica gel technology, following from factory to solve the problem of custom problem of many customers, set up r&d engineers by the designer. When touch problem we will convene a meeting of the r&d staff together, providing customers with the most professional custom solutions, can be shortened to a great extent the customer new product research and development cycle, the production cycle. ( 3) Low-end market manufacturer of quality gap to the requirement of quality is not high, the factory will not set up professional quality monitoring department, as long as no obvious defect is qualified. Silica gel and high-end market following from factory silicone technology, is put quality as the first. For are not ripe, offset, design the damaged non-conforming rate according to the disposal, hire a QC quality engineer to lead the quality department, resolute don't let the bad product factory, protect the interests of the customer. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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