How to deal with the silicone spray mixing in sulfur phenomenon

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silica gel mixing is the first step of silica gel products production, the stand or fall of primary process also affects the back of the silica gel products process. But because the rubber ( Local rubber) Sulfur content is more than its saturated solubility limit at room temperature or supersaturation solubility limit, so that the sulfur precipitation crystallization from the rubber. This phenomenon is called know sprayed sulfur phenomenon. To avoid to produce this kind of phenomenon, commonly sulfur compounds should pay attention to control and use. In addition, can also be used to join insoluble sulfur method. When the silica gel mixing, the phenomenon of the sprayed sulfur is, what should I do? Foshan silicone manufacturer said. 1. Temperature of rubber mixing after keep material-collecting, because you receive material in the process of stacked, easy to cause the internal heat on the high side, accelerate the migration velocity of vulcanizing agent. 2. Because when rubber vulcanizing temperature is in commonly 95 - 110 degrees or higher, in this time of the rubber high solubility of vulcanizing agent, when the temperature lower solubility decreased, so the vulcanizing agent to outward migration. 3. Can use some insoluble sulfur instead of sulfur. 4. Much of a glue to make rubber according to production without sulfur rubber, when to use, when curing temperature. 5. Formulate corresponding specification, fifo, and specify the rubber for days, the number of days to confirm the performance. 6. Keep the rubber stored in closed the light room. Foshan silicone factory is a professional committed to the silica gel materials research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company has its own technology research and development team, product quality excellent, deeply the general customers trust. Made of high-quality pure silica gel passed the SGS, FDA, CE, LFGB, DGCCRF such as certification, environmental non-toxic, conform to the international food grade standard. With silica gel pad, silicone gasket, such as a variety of medical grade silicone, food-grade silicone silicone for you to choose, hurry to call the hotline to order!
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