How to customize festival silicone promotion gifts

by:Keyuan     2020-09-12
Every holiday, a lot of silicone gift company for custom silicone gift promotion plan and very busy, but can really bring a good effect of sales promotion plan but not much, so how to customize the silicone gift promotion plan? When in custom silicone gift promotion plan, but according to the following five steps: 1, clear silicone advertising gift promotion target is the enterprise with the help of silicone gifts promotional activities to achieve the purpose of advertising. Silicone gift promotion advertising is to raise awareness, set up image, or to encourage trials, cultivate loyalty? Enterprises need according to the understanding of customer and market, combined with the management goal of enterprise to determine and Suggestions according to the product life cycle for silicone advertising gift goal, namely the product introduction period of advertising silicone gift target to inform the brand information, growth itself should be changed to persuade consumers to use a specific brand, mature silicone advertising gift to remind people continue to use a certain brand. 2, formulate strict advertising promotion plans to choose suitable silicone gift promotion means to reach our target for the specific needs of the market, the planning of should not be limited experience, according to the established top-down manner, and should be based on facts, revenue and profit oriented, using bottom-up approach to prepare, to achieve a win-win situation. 3, the correct implementation of the silicone advertising gift promotion plans with silicone advertising gift manufacturers, sales team and distributors to work together to ensure the effective implementation of the advertising silicone gift promotion plan, in arrange silicone gifts advertising budget, companies need to determine the most effective advertising silicone gift spending levels. You should think about the coverage of the target audience silicone advertising gift; Costs should consider when choose silicone advertising gift, try to choose the target audience every time covering the relatively low cost and relatively high coverage advertising silicone gifts; Message should also try to conform to the needs of different regional customers, the arrangement of the promotional budget should also be bottom-up and profit oriented. To ensure with silicone advertising gift manufacturers, sales team and distributors to establish partnership with strict standards, accomplish goal unification, moving in tandem. 4, silicone advertising gift promotional content rationalization set ads silicone gift promotion to establish and strengthen the silicone gift product positioning in the theme and the main interest for the purpose, and should be avoided in silicone gifts advertising take different themes ( Or no topic, just have a LOGO) , it is very important and also a silicone gift promotional ads campaign theme clear, can highlight the advantages of brand creative. 5, the silica gel advertising gift promotion for monitoring and evaluation to the effectiveness of using specific measurable evaluation of advertising silicone gift promotion effect and influence, and according to the result of monitoring and assessment of future advertising silicone gifts promotional activities to improve and perfect, at this point, should work closely with market research company, evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising silicone gift promotion together. Should follow the above five steps, because this specific situation according to the market, based on the facts of the silicone advertising gift promotional method has two advantages: first, it forces the every part in the marketing mix to achieve specific marketing objectives; Second, it takes into account different ads silicone gift in different position in the market, and its rival in the silicone advertisement gift promotion differences, in all enterprises in the five aspects of efforts to improve the effectiveness of advertising silicone gift promotion, and further improve the business performance with good effect.
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