How to customize a creative silicone gifts

by:Keyuan     2020-09-11
With the development of the economy, strong innovation consciousness and brand consciousness is more and more from all walks of life, people's consumption demand more and more diversified, and gradually to the high-end, personalized, the traditional gift already cannot satisfy the needs of The Times, creative silicone gifts gradually into the consumer's view. Silica gel properties of plasticity is quite strong, still can make creative gift except general kitchen utensils and appliances. How to customize a creative silicone gifts? 1, from design concept for good design concept to the consumer the United States, more can reflect enterprise, reflect personal show originality, when designing the silicone gifts into the design concept, the traditional design will only add name or logo, creative design will be both functional and beautiful sex. Such as cartoon silicone zero wallet, or silicone usb humanoid, clever use of the characteristics of the silica gel, bright color and shock resistance to fall off. 2, from the creative personality is the market popular is made of silicone, silicone folding folding cup pot, etc. , but the silicone can also use a glue exquisite technology to make the adornment of heavy and complicated, common lace pattern with silicone glue can glue process modelling, than ordinary gift, more exquisite beauty, or by using silica gel easily coloring, tensile properties, design some vivid relief. 3, if from black speaking silica gel is not only applied in the present and in the kitchen, maternal and infant supplies, silica gel can be used as a cleansing instrument, stickers, hook, such as household items, more powerful creative silicone gifts, can make a delicious, like popcorn adorn article, or of scalable, harmless to tympanic membrane soft silicone ear stick, these are all successful blend in science and technology creative, unique creative good example of a silicone gift.
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