How to cleaning and disinfection and silicone material

by:Keyuan     2020-09-05
But it is easy to breed bacteria. As a result, timely cleaning, disinfection, seriously safekeeping is very necessary things. The baby's ability to fight viruses and bacteria is very weak. In summer, prone to gastrointestinal disease diet health is more important. 1, clean the baby in time is not in the required equipment of formula is elaborate consisting of rich nutrition but also a hotbed of bacteria breeding. Put aside the longer, the more you germs, so the baby after eating my parents to wash in a timely manner. Baby bottles, pacifiers, straw, should use the corresponding cleaning brush to scrub. Glass bottle brush with nylon bottles and plastic bottles should use bottle brush, sponge which is often overlooked. Because the nylon brush easy grinding plastic bottle inside, MAO is easier to collect dirt. 2, disinfection is more important to prevent the illness, baby tableware, the pacifier, bottle silicone tube from silica gel products using only regular cleaning is not enough, also disinfected oh. Is there a good variety of disinfection, durable and effective way is to boil disinfection, use steam to kill viruses and bacteria. The traditional boiling, want to see the fire and control the time of boiling, one not careful will boil the whole pot of milk bottle is broken. Choose an automatic steam sterilization pot, there is no such worries. Now that is sold on the market of all kinds of steam sterilization pot, usually more than 10 minutes disinfection can be quickly finished, not only can the bottle teats of one-time disinfection of different diameter, more can other tableware disinfection baby? 3, prevent secondary pollution after disinfection tableware should be properly closed, to prevent secondary pollution, unthreatening. Put bottles after disinfection sterilization pot, have a need to take, is a good way. Every parents should do: to carry out the protection work, conscientiously disinfect feed feed appliance, keep bacteria away from baby, for your baby's digestive tract. 4, sterilization pot use disinfection tableware. Sterilization pot plate of injection water, 100 ml water, put the dishes into cutlery basket, serving in the sterilization pot, cover cover, press the start button, 15 minutes after disinfection. Air disinfection. Inject 100 ml water sterilization pot water dish, add 15 ml of vinegar, not sealed by press the start key. About 12 minutes after disinfection. Steamed egg and heating food. Depending on the container with no basket, or the container directly into the pot. How many water injection appropriate depending on the amount of food. Cover cover, press the start button, 15 minutes after heating cooking is complete.
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