How to clean the silicone cup

by:Keyuan     2020-09-14
Silicone kitchen utensils have for us is very common, often drink tea should be also useful to the silicone cup ( Silica glass can be high temperature at 240 ℃, so there is no any problem make tea boiled water to 100 ℃) , how for silica glass cleaning becomes a problem, with the silicone cup tea for a long time, will have tea in the cup scale, but also it is difficult to remove. A long 1, silica gel, silica gel glass cleaning cup with tea scale becomes dark, even with medium detergent to wash not to drop, then we can use vinegar to soak, or can be easily detergent after soaking with bleach. 2, friction with sponge dipped in salt, so that you can easily clean the dirt on the silicone cup. 3, if it is a small piece of tea on the silica gel glass scale, can the silicone cup soak in bleach or detergent powder in the solution, and then place a night, can remove the dirt. 4, you can also use toothpaste or broken egg shells to scrub of silicone cup, and then rinse with clear water. Second, cleaning the silicone cup note after a long soak, silicone cup is basic on the dark brown, also can not wash off with water. This time, we can squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the tea set, by hand or cotton buds put toothpaste evenly coated on the surface of silica gel glass. After about a minute to rinse the silicone cup again, in this way, the silicone cup tea scale above is very easy to clean. Clean with toothpaste, is not only convenient, but also will not damage the tea or injure the hand, convenient and simple, tea friends can have a try. Better silica gel glass cleaning method is: after each drink tea, pour out the tea, and then clean the silicone cup. It can keep a good habit for a long time, don't have to, not only what cleaning tools can also keep the silicone cup bright luster.
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