How to choose silicone spatula

by:Keyuan     2020-08-21
Choose silicone scraper 1, head of the main points of the softness of the paste can one-time shave has very big effect; In the process of fold, directly affect the degree of speed and integration into the fold. Through testing, scraping head too hard will affect a batter use efficiency, and the efficiency of the fold. And is not to say that, of course, the silicone scraper as soft as possible, silicone scraper purpose is different, the required hardness is different: generally hard batter, such as cookies, you need to match a little bit hard scraper; Such as cake batter serene 'fragile' ( Every minute will be angry and defoaming kid) , you will need to match the soft scraper of the cutting tools. 2, silicone scraper, the choose and buy must pay attention to handle long and thick enough, so that more effective to use. Handle feel is subjective, but too thin too short handle is difficult to generate power, if the handle is of poor quality of plastic or wood, not only easy to cut hands, and bad digestion, easy to break off. According to the practical, can have a big a little silicone scraper, tie-in and different capacity requirements. 3, silicone scraper can be divided into one-piece scraper and split type scraper. One-piece silicone scraper, handle general with reinforced support inside, so the blade is relatively heavy. Split type silicone scraper, much as fission of plastic/wood handle, fancy, knife light, but need to wash separately. Obsessive-compulsive disorder to wash not clean things cannot endure, so suggest one-piece silicone scraper of choose and buy, can save a lot of cleaning tools.
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