How to choose qualified silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-11
The so-called silicone gift belongs to a kind of silicone products, silicone products have many advantages, including: wear resistance, fatigue resistance, flexibility and hardness is very good. And the most attention is the affordable price comparison, and can make some printing on it some more beautiful design or company logo, etc. , the adornment of the real rise very convenient. However, if the silicone products is not very understanding, it is easy to buy inferior products, these products can be used with harm our body, will also send out all sorts of bad smell, influence our healthy life. Now, silica gel products are abundant and common on the market, the supermarket, stores, online, and even a roadside stalls, can see the shadow of the silica gel products. Silica gel products has integrated into all aspects of people's life, such as kitchen spatula, heat insulation pad, maternal and child supplies the milk bottle, pacifier, electronics silicone bluetooth speakers, cell phone sets, office supplies silicone notebook, cup mat and so on. Silica gel products have been widely used, many people may not know how to choose and buy, discern the stand or fall of silicone products, how to choose the qualified silicone products? 1, the elasticity of elasticity is an important factor to judge the silicone products quality, we all know that the silicone products are made from silicone raw materials of the finished product, and silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, has the expansionary, elasticity is the primary investigation for the user. 2, high tear strength and tensile strength, tear strength of silicone products, outstanding ability to resist damage, long service life, is not susceptible to interference from the outside environment, tear strength of silicone products general performance in the ripping process prone to rupture, and stress of damage resulted from the rapid expansion cracking phenomenon. 3, general performance abrasion wear resistance on the surface of silica gel products are vulnerable to loss of the ability of high quality silica gel products general surface rarely friction due to external factors affecting the product surface, such as appearance, text, color, etc. 4, hardness and stress the hardness of silicone products and set the reach stress, rubber material is rigid, Stiffness) An important index, which is the silica gel products needed to produce certain deformation force. 5, fatigue fatigue may be a lot of people don't understand, silica gel products no fatigue. Silica gel products by alternating stress ( Or strain) Function, the structure and properties of materials change phenomenon is called fatigue. As the fatigue process, leading to the silicone products damage phenomenon called fatigue damage. Above covers the physical properties of the silicone products, practical and other details are to focus on, such as silicone products work ( Burrs, put forward such as whether to repair) , is there a pungent smell ( This is usually caused by unreasonable selecting vulcanizing agent) , color and so on.
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