How the silicone pad cleaning _ silicone pad yellow how the _ silicone pad with oil how to cleaning

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Many consumers use silica gel pad after a period of time, will meet in a clean, silica gel pad how clean, silica gel pad yellow how clean, silica gel pad with oil how to wash, silica gel products factory take you to understand how the silicone pad to clean. The silicone pad how sticky oil cleaning 1. With washing powder, detergent, soaking, first brush with wool after half an hour outside of a soft brush, finally please clean, bubble in the dry in the shade. The operation was aimed at apparent stains, such as soil, ink, etc. 2. For the silicone shell is difficult to clean, you can try to use air oil essence, use make up cotton in the dirt, gently daub and clean, the final rinse, and dry in the shade. 3. Silicone shell has some not easy to clean, can use toothpick to avoid the stain ( Solid) , also can soak with water, then wash with soap. 4. White silica shell it's really hard to clean, can use bold 84 disinfectant give it a try. 5. Mask paper mask usually stick on the cell phone casing, can also test on the mobile phone shell. Mobile phone more bad more bright, the brighter the. It is both light and bright. Silicone pad with oil how to clean the silicone pad with oil cleaning solution, sharing silicone pad for daily use will encounter many problems, such as will appear at the bottom of the sticky flour, or yellow, we encountered this kind of circumstance should be according to their own product type and product usage to determine how to clean or solve the problem of the next step. How new silicone pad cleaning general silicone products and plastic rubber products will increase with the increase of the over time, will gradually appear discoloration, hard brittle aging phenomenon, this kind of problem in a very long period of time will also appear more normal phenomenon. If we are the first to use the phenomenon of adhesion, may be improper operation, or before using can cage in the bottom drawer sprinkle with some warm water, this can also prevent silicone rubber mat glued flour, or brush a layer of oil. We just buy silicone rubber gasket should be cleaned before use. The use of cleaning can be cleaned with detergent or soap. This two kinds of methods to clean faster, but the detergent cannot use for a long time, otherwise it will result in silicon rubber skin damage or whitening, the best cleaning method is still using soap and brush, the method is more convenient, soap chemical composition is more stable, so everyday use clean silicon surface will not cause damage. Silicone rubber pad will not stick on the flour, daily cleaning method is simple, if you don't have too much of a viscous, may also directly into bubbles can clean with warm water. Silicone pad yellowing can wipe with soap, also can use soft cloth to remove the stain, and then clean with warm water and cooling of the sun. We can also use alcohol to wipe, these methods can effectively clean the silicone pad yellow phenomenon, confined to the surface of the silicone rubber pad. Silicone pad also have a lot of classification, each category has different USES, such as silicone kneading cushion, this only dough not yellow, silicone steamed maintains a pad like this mat in cage drawer steamed bread, inferior silica gel is easy to become yellow. If a better quality of daily use cushion yellow color will be very few, the poor quality of yellow will be more serious, it is difficult to clean. Above is on how to clean silicone pad, silicone pad yellow how clean, silica gel pad with oil how to clean the related content, hope to be of help.
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