How much do you know about the benefits of silicone products?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silica gel products have large and small are all over our life, so, do you know what are the silicone products? How much do you know the benefits of it? Shajing silicone manufacturer to tell you about. To find out the two problems, we must find out the difference between the silicone products and silicone products, silicone products can be called a silicone or silicone semi-finished goods, and can only be called silicone products, silicone products we made of silica gel into parts can be used as a finished product sold to purchaser, but because do not have market sale independently, so can only be prescribed for the silicone products. Silica gel products refers to the use of silicone materials processing production of silicone parts and silicone products. Divided into directly to use products and need to use with other products. Including silicone gift, silicone, silicone tableware, silicone industry ornaments fittings and so on. The benefits of silica gel products: silicone products with seismic shock absorption, high sealing, heat insulation flame retardant, environmental security, and so on various performance advantage. For example: 1. Earthquake buffer, the characteristics of the seal is the most widely used silica gel products, such as vacuum bowl, goggles shock absorber accessories, relative to other materials have obvious advantages; 2. Heat insulation, environmental protection security for the accessories of flame retardant insulation and heat-resistant that occupy the home products; 3. Abrasion resistance, resistance, and applied in the production of silicone buttons silicone pad; 4. Insulation waterproof, used for power cable case, terminals, swim cap 5. Soft and elastic, used to massage parts production; 6. Stable easy molding, and accessories, household articles, such as silicone cup, pet basin such as beautiful and easy, used for gift jewelry customization. Silicone silicone products manufacturer is foshan factory, the production of various kinds of silicone products, welcome to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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