How many suitable silicone tooth gum custom hardness

by:Keyuan     2020-09-15
Silicone tooth gum is also called the silicone practice tooth grinding rods, and etc, silica gel products factory is domestic food-grade silicone above grade silicone raw materials made a silicone product, belongs to the category of the silica gel maternal and child supplies in the silicone products! Silicone teeth that there are so many styles can be, the first general animal figures, values, cartoon and so on, have monochrome or polychromatic one color! But still is given priority to with multicolor one. Silicone teeth that its main role is to give the baby teeth using long, baby by sucking and grind glue, can make the baby's eye and hand coordination, so as to promote the development of intelligence. So you know how soft silicone tooth gum is generally? How much will it be in degrees degrees know? Actually tell you different age paragraph the baby should be use in different hardness and softness of the teeth. How soft silicone tooth gum in general? Actually this is very one-sided, if only by hand to knead feel more soft, estimated that each people have each person's idea! Because this is not a standard, but if use instrument to measure? This is a good standard! Silicone products manufacturer in the production of silicone tooth gum when there is a hardness tester to calculate the tooth rubber hardness, generally called ( Shaw hardness tester) , the shaw hardness tester is mainly used to measure the hardness of silicone rubber products, and for the teeth of the hardness, general dental adhesive for 5 - There are 40 degrees, very soft average about 10 degrees! Also is very soft that we used to say. Silicone tooth gum very soft that is commonly used for just will chew the baby, so when don't have any teeth, not with hard tooth gum for baby use, as the baby grew up slowly, with a little bit hard silicone tooth gum to his play, chew your baby can effectively prompt eye and hand coordination, so as to promote the development of intelligence. Slowly can choose higher hardness as adjusted for baby to bite a play! Finally, a hard 50 degrees also have silicone tooth gum! So for the teeth usually how soft it is somewhat one-sided, to adjust the silica gel as the growth of baby teeth rubber hardness to make a choice!
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