How many degrees of silicone tube high temperature resistant ability

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
We know that the silicone products are generally not high temperature resistant, but how many degrees does ability, many buyers when you buy the silicone products will often asked this question, the silicone factory today and we talk about high temperature resistant silicone products this topic. What is a silicone tube, what kind? Silicone rubber soft hose is also called silicone tube, silicone rubber is a new kind of polymer elastic material. Excellent resistance to high temperature ( 250~300° C) And low temperature ( - 40 ~ - 60° C) Performance; Have good physical stability, able to withstand repeated disinfection conditions; Have good resilience, the smaller the permanent deformation ( In 200 & deg; C, within 48 hours of not greater than 50%) , breakdown voltage ( 20 - 25 kv /毫米) , ozone resistance, uv resistance, radiation resistance, etc. Normal silicone tube: medical silica gel tube, food-grade silicone tube, industrial silicone tube, silicone tube, silicone hose fittings. Medical silicone tube high temperature resistant medical silicone tube can - in general 60~300° C。 The characteristics of medical silicone tube: 1. High transparency, high level of health, environmental protection, efficient, no odor, high temperature and high pressure sterilization disinfection; 2. Medical grade silicone tube has good physiological inertia, organization won't produce harm to human body, after implantation in the human body tissue rejection does not cause a foreign body, on the surrounding tissue inflammation; 3. High tensile strength, high tear, low shrinkage rate, good resilience; 4. High and low temperature resistance is strong, also won't deformation at high temperature, also won't produce decomposition of harmful substances, biological inertia, strong biological aging resistance; 5. Health environmental protection level is high, through a series of food safety testing. Medical silicone tube can - in general 60~300° C。 Ordinary silicone tube of high temperature resistant temperature: temperature tolerance range is - common silicone tube 40~200° C, special high temperature resistant pipe range can be up to - 60~300° C; Resistance to aging time is long, life is not the same as with the use of the environment of time, usually at room temperature can be used more than 10 years.
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