How is the mobile phone is waterproof? - The silicone gasket, waterproof membrane, who nanostructured coating is better

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
How is the mobile phone is waterproof? Hand the silicone gasket, waterproof membrane, who nanostructured coating is better, mention phone waterproof, I believe you first think of SONY. In fact smartphones waterproof precedent is the MOTOROLA Defy, this kind of mobile phone on the premise of not compromise appearance, dustproof, waterproof. Its principle is to use rubber plug all can fill the gap, this also means that the headphone jack, USB hole requires special rubber to wall, is not convenient at the same time, often plug, rubber aging is inevitable and waterproof performance will gradually reduced. Then, through the technology upgrading, coupled with the mobile phone of oneness is more and more strong, most of the mobile phone into a sealed rear cover, waterproof is become more and more good. And now there are three kinds of the practice of most of the waterproof phone: 1, silicone gasket, the most mobile phone waterproof by gasket, o-ring seal type o, can be wrapped around the components, and then out into the water, below the iPhone 7 gasket is used for waterproof, the blue part is aprons. General waterproof phone SIM cato can see clear rubber ring, such as a rubber ring charging interface within the same protection. 2, internal waterproof can be addressed by seal, waterproof membrane and the headphone jack, charging the naked outside components can use waterproof membrane to protect. 戈尔- TEX, believes that focus on outdoor sportswear friend should not unfamiliar. This is a kind of common in charge on the garment material, this material has 9 billion tiny holes per square inch, the aperture body is far less than liquid water drops, so water cannot be through the membrane. The principle is similar to lotus leaf, in the love, to buy it measured shirt, also is the principle. And the first to use this technology on a mobile phone is samsung s7 for waterproof. 3, nano coating waterproof coating waterproof ability is weak, what long-term immersion, water don't want to. At most can spill-resistant. Nano coating is a process with in the mid-late phone line to join, by means of spray coating in the mobile phone circuit board, shell, headphone jack, charging by investing in areas such as the water surface coating coverage, for mobile phone and the last barrier. Using waterproof coating, drops of water can easily flow to mobile phones, and not because the water's surface tension and suck on your phone. Either way of waterproof, with the use of mobile phone, the waterproof ability is lowering, so do not think that mobile phone waterproof, you really can every moment of the waterproof. Recommend related products: silicone waterproof sealing ring
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