How in high temperature and low temperature, electrical insulation, oil resistant, flame retardant environment choose silicone

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Many business and procurement of entering the silicone rubber industry, is not very clear, in which environmental scenarios by the most appropriate type of silicone rubber, such as high temperature resistance, good low temperature resistance, low compression permanent deformation type, electrical insulation, oil solvent resistance, flame retardant, conductive silicone rubber, silicone rubber sponge, heat shrinkable type, these scenarios using the most appropriate what types of silicone rubber. Bring the most complete answer type high temperature resistant silicone products factory use MVQ or low PMVQ, reinforcing agent selection and heat-resistant additives properly, can be obtained from 300 ~ 350 ℃ high temperature resistant silicone rubber. Low temperature type mainly adopts low PMVQ, da brittleness temperature 120 ℃, in - 90 ℃ without loss of elasticity. Low compression permanent deformation model mainly adopts MVQ to vinyl dedicated organic peroxide as curing agent, when the compression ratio is 30%, the compression under 150 ℃ for 24 ~ 72 hours after compression permanent deformation at 7. 0% ~ 15% ( Ordinary silicon rubber is 20% ~ 30%) 。 Wire, cable type mainly adopts MVQ, choose good electrical insulating performance of gas phase silica as reinforcing agent, has the good delivery performance. Resistance to oil solvent mainly adopts acrylic silicone rubber, generally divided into two major categories of general and high strength. Flame retardant used MVQ, adding halide or platinum compounds as flame retardant of rubber, has good flame resistance. Conductive silicone rubber MVQ was used to acetylene black or metal powder as a filler, choose high temperature vulcanization, volume resistivity can be obtained to 2. 0 ~ 102 Ω • cm silicone rubber. Heat shrinkable add a certain type of MVQ melting temperature or softening temperature of the thermoplastic material, the heat shrinkage rate of the silicone rubber can reach 35% ~ 50%. Without secondary sulfide type MVQ using vinyl content is higher, by controlling the pH of raw rubber and compound, adding special additives, etc. It is of the vulcanizates ( A) Compression permanent deformation and ordinary secondary vulcanizates similar compression set, heat aging properties are the same. Ordinary silicon rubber without secondary sulfide, compression permanent deformation is 80 ~ 100%, and reduced to 10% ~ 50% after secondary sulfide ( 250℃×24h) 。 Silicone rubber sponge into MVQ nitroso compound, diazonium and azo organic foaming agent, can be made uniform sponge. The above is the relevant information on selected suitable silicone rubber, hope everyone to silicone rubber has a deeper understanding, choose the silicone products factory in foshan, foshan area can consider rubber products factory 10 old factory professional and more efficient.
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