How do you use the silicone mobile phone support

by:Keyuan     2020-09-09
With the advent of the era of information technology, the popularity of smart phones, our life is becoming more and more inseparable from the mobile phone, mobile phone also gradually became our 'second life', but a second question is how to keep the cell phone use more comfortable and more safe. The silicone mobile phone support the emergence of the mobile phone use more convenient and more comfortable, but how to use silicone mobile phone support? Suction-cup silicone mobile phone support, this should be than earlier a phone silicone stent, the downside is that chuck is not strong, mobile phones are more likely to fall down, its advantage is suitable for use in many places, you can choose the most suitable for the position of the most comfortable to use. Rotary silicone mobile phone support, can be installed in any plane position, such as easy installation in the pilot operation of plane position, the disadvantage is that will affect the mobile phone signal, the location of the paste can have line down, small advantage is flexible, not blocking the line of sight, convenient mobile phone. Hanging the silicone mobile phone support, usually installed in the car air conditioning FengKouChu, because of difference of car types, so the fixed position is limited, can't rotate and adjust the Angle, but good place is fixed. Non-slip silicone mobile scaffold, which we now use most, the most commonly used one, to various places to use, suitable for desktop bed are free to adjust the Angle, transfer, remove the mobile phone. And silica gel products factory in xiamen pyramid silicone mobile scaffold, using environmental protection material to match the pyramid model, in view of the different sizes of phones and tablet designed four different angles, the Angle of the phone to place more suitable for users, can be suitable for different scenarios, multiple size compatible functions.
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