How about market influence of Keyuan?
Over time, KEYUAN has become more powerful and has attempted to lead the growth of the business. With the help of our diligent team, we have been helping to expand our advertising channels, and our influence on market growth has been greatly enhanced. Recently, China's KEYUAN business has experienced rapid development, and the impact of enterprises on the global market continues to grow.

Xiamen Xiamen KEYUAN Electronic Industry Co. ,Ltd Co., Ltd. has earned reputation both in the domestic and international market since we are professional of manufacturing silicone bracelets. Various in styles, KEYUAN Electronic Industry's silicone rubber products can meet the needs of different customers. silicone rubber products use conductive rubber design for better performance and long service life. Keyuan can customize various silicone rubber products to customers' specific requirements. The product has high purity. All of the composition and the raw materials are finely handled to achieve high purity. Keyuan was founded in 1995 to meet the industry's growing requirement for silicone rubber.

Xiamen KEYUAN Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. aims to help the Chinese silicone kitchen products industry become bigger and stronger. Contact!
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