hot stamping methods

by:Keyuan     2020-07-13
One of the types of stamping services is hot stamping.
It can be defined as a way to transfer carved images to a specific surface under sufficient heat supply.
Then, with the help of the stamping die, the image is heated before it is transferred to the so-called marking foil.
The marking foil leaves the ink on the surface of the image transmission.
The hot stamping method, commonly known as the stamping method, is one of the drying printing methods that utilize the heating mold and foil.
It is also one of the ways to print safely.
The hot stamping method is a printing method, usually consisting of foil transferred to the surface of paper, textile materials, wood, hard plastic, leather or other materials under heating and pressure.
Other names for hot stamping are foil stamping, dry stamping, foil stamping or leaf stamping.
During the hot stamping process, the mold is initially heated and then used as a letterpress printing to make the foil stick to the surface of the intended impression.
Therefore, the quality of printing using a heat press or heat press will be different from any other type of press.
The materials used by this stamping process can create a wide variety of images from different materials.
Metal molds made of copper, brass, hardened steel or magnesium are the most basic techniques.
Silicone rubber molds, magnesium and hardened steel can also be used.
Therefore, hot stamping has many advantages over any other printing method.
The main advantage is that the quality of the printed matter obtained through hot stamping is impeccable.
Another advantage is that hot stamping gives you the opportunity to print on a variety of surfaces.
The final result of the stamping process is to obtain highly smooth printing in a very short drying time.
In addition, by using special molds, the visual effect of the dimension is obtained by stamping the finished mark.
Also, the process is valuable because it is more of a dry method.
There is no need to learn complex programs, just like mixing ink just to produce output from the program.
The hot-press machine can be operated manually without too much complicated participation.
Wedding invitations, business cards, photo albums, books, gift cards, etc. can be obtained by applying the hot stamping method.
So whether you want to get a differentiated point in your business or on any of your personal occasions, the hot stamping method can make you more suitable.
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