High temperature vulcanization silicone rubber ( HTV) Structural characteristics and USES, problems that should pay attention to in production

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
High temperature vulcanization silicone rubber ( HTV) 2. 1 HTV structural characteristics and USES of HTV silicone products is the most important category, methyl vinyl silicone rubber ( VMQ) Is the most main varieties of HTV. Methyl vinyl silicone rubber ( Raw rubber) Is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, no mechanical impurities of jelly, raw rubber, according to the need to join the appropriate reinforcing agent, the structure control agent, vulcanizing agent and other additives mixed together, then heating to 140 ~ 180 ℃ high temperature molding or extrusion molding, then through secondary sulfide into various products. The products with excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, corona, edm capability is strong, waterproof, moistureproof, impact resistance, good shock resistance, with physiological inertia, permeability and other performance. 2. 2 HTV running characteristics of the high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber is mainly used in bar hanging composite pillar insulator, composite insulator, power stations and on the equipment with a hollow composite insulator. Run, because of the large amount of more also reflects the problem. Roughly as follows: · fouling significantly, hydrophobic performance weakened embrittlement, hardening, pulverization, cracking, aging or damaged phenomenon such as broken umbrella skirt deformation serious, partial discharge traces, dendritic channels or pitting in the running characteristics of silicone rubber, hydrophobic is one of the most important parameters, wu had run in order to study the hydrophobic properties of compound silicone rubber, composite silicone rubber in the run the following test:, hydrophobic test, simulation test at low temperature, ash dense effect on hydrophobic, tracking and electrical erosion resistance test 2. 4 HTV production, the problems need to pay attention to in the application of aluminum powder is added in the HTV, in order to improve the resistance of HTV tracking parameters, is not the more the better. Such as too much, can appear HTV high hardness, hydrophobic, run soon appeared in the process of HTV hardening and pulverization degradation phenomenon. , should strictly control formula, can't to save costs in the HTV doping, reduce the operating parameters of the HTV ( Including electric performance parameters and mechanical properties) 。 , good control of production process, to avoid defects, introduced in the molding process, appears in the operation of the electric erosion phenomenon, reduce the service life of HTV. That is about high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber ( HTV) Relevant arrangement, hope everyone to high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber ( HTV) Have a deeper understanding of, choose the silicone products factory in foshan, foshan area can consider rubber plant 10 old factory professional and more efficient.
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