High temperature resistant silicone products seen, resistance to temperature silicone you seen?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
High and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber products is a common thing, in the process of normal use of silica gel in the high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius temperature sustainable use does not cause any impact, while the temperature higher than 280 degrees or so will be destroyed, but in recent years, with the development of the urban population would industry growth, a lot of material requirements, also including heat-resistant fire, so fire prevention performance of silicone rubber products always is not solved, but a recent breakthrough in the technology, new materials fireproof silicone rubber was born, do you know about it? Ceramic silicone rubber material is today the synthesis of recently developed new silicon rubber, they belong to a kind of new type polymer refractory material, it has a slow combustion, no drip, non-toxic, environmental protection, such as gas release characteristics, it mainly USES the evolutionary process, is a kind of inorganic silicon, and organic silicone rubber with good compatibility, belong to the refractory powder materials, non-toxic environmental protection, such as Europe also conforms to the ROHS designated certification testing. How many belong to the extrusion molding process the silicone rubber ceramic material production, product has excellent fire retardant, flame retardant, low smoke, environmental protection features, such as extrusion molding process is simple and its combustion residue for hard ceramic shell, shell does not melt in the fire environment and do not drop, but through the GB/T19216. 21 - Specified in the 2003 ℃ - in 950 Under the temperature 1000 ℃, 90 min, by the fire cooling 15 min circuit integrity experiment, is applicable to any need fire place, under the condition of ensure the fire power transmission flow plays a strong protection. Article in the cable pipe used in the field of more extensive, we common cable silicone tube and high temperature wire and so on are used in products, in the process of using the unique mechanism for rational can make silicone rubber rapidly in burning ceramic, rapid combustion residue increased strength, to achieve a certain limitation of fire, and it can reduce the cost of materials of silicone rubber products, simple processing technology. This kind of silicone rubber products for silicone rubber products factory machining special gas, the conventional silicone products processing equipment plate vulcanizing machine, injection machine, extruder) Can be used as cable pipe production but at present, still hold a dominant position in the extrusion equipment and process from the traditional silicone rubber extrusion equipment deployment of material and extrusion model can production, rubber wire and cable is better than the refractory high efficiency machining technology is mainly composed of the following areas: 1. Processing technology with ordinary silicon rubber: add sulfur to extrusion, sulfide, this material can also use irradiation vulcanization manner; 2. Vulcanizing agent: double - M, adding amount of 1% of the mixed gum - 2%; 3. Vulcanizing agent to join former ceramics, silicon rubber need double roller mixing machine tests to eliminate the effect of structured soft, with double 24:27 and evenly over the fine piece can be used as extrusion; 4. Vulcanization temperature is 150 - 300 ℃, according to the specific production equipment, extrusion speed, cable specifications.
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