Silicone gift

by:Keyuan     2020-09-02

Silicone gifts produced by using environmental protection silicone materials, non-toxic, no smell, safe environmental protection, wear-resisting durable, has small volume, the characteristics of various shapes, the price is cheaper, more suitable for advertising promotional gifts gift. Silicone gifts have silicone bracelet, silicone luggage tag, silicone cover, silicone mobile phone bracket, silica gel cup mat, silicone brush, silicone cleansing U disk, silicone bluetooth headset receive a case, the silicone car key sets, silica gel, silica gel bottle stoppers, silicone ear plugs put a spoon pad, silicone Velcro zero purse, silicone, silicone ashtray, silicone perfume bottle cover, silicone ring, silicone washing cosmetics, nail polish set, silicone pad, silica gel, silica gel powder door stop, silicone finger sets of small size of the silica gel products, etc. Silicone small gifts can be made of any shape gifts, such as silica gel zero wallet has a banana shape, shape of green Chinese onion, eggplant, watermelon, pineapple, mango in the shape of the shape in the shape of the, hat, bag shape, etc. , in the shape of creative design, personalized fashion. Silicone gift can OEM/ODM orders, can be printed logo or text, is advantageous to the brand promotion.                                

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