Hardware that how to combine with silicone products closely

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
In silicone industry must have a lot of amateur friend just know the silicone body parts, but few understand how silica gel combined with other material is a integrated, such as the practice of double color product color K addition, etc. , and metal or nylon material, always have different nature in terms of material, silica gel bag JiaoGong technique is commonly used in some internal structure need to hard, the external need soft products, such as silicone spoon, silicone bowl, silica gel plates, and so on, and how to closely bonded with hardware method can be divided into metal parts and plastic bags in the outsourcing glue two of the metal, the plastic bags is to put the silica gel inside the package and ensure all where, not offset, don't move, outsourcing glue is not offset, don't fall off, coupling. General silicone want and hardware closely adhesive is the best way on the outside of the hardware first coated with special metal glue, after baking dry when it is heated in the silica gel inside of sulfurization molding, molding out internal won't appear after migration sloshing phenomenon, general hardware as long as it's not small and wrapped in silica gel internal to the silicone on both sides of the seat will not be needed to set aside a certain allowance for the basic shift sloshing phenomenon, but the demand is higher and offset tolerance smaller product that production is bad in control of the above, so the silicone products processing manufacturer in plastic bags process above offset bad are often very high, so the process of trying to find the best method to solve, from mold, machine, material aspects of seeking ways. On the one hand, pay attention to when production hardware silicone products so deviation cause leakage hardware, on the other hand, should pay attention to whether the hardware on the inside of the silicone and firm, at the same time during processing for the poor control of silicone part also must pay attention to, if the hardware is circular you will need to pay attention to the internal appear the phenomenon of sliding, and the sliding will cause the silicone part deformation within hardware easily poked through the entire product, so sticky metal glue to choose is very important. Hardware and silicone looks be like simple, but the difficulty coefficient is big, general production small words so it won't be very good control, overall or molding process control can be competent for all kinds of processes! Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. ( )
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