Hardware plastic bags break down

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
We are survived for 10 years of rubber factory in foshan, because survival time is long, so we more professional, recently there are many customers to ask our technical problems about hardware plastic bags, today will bring you the hardware plastic bags details introduction; Hardware package adhesive and the main mechanism of shoot shoot hardware plastic bags with plastic bags and distinguish fake plastic bags. True plastic bags is to use the soft rubber and hard rubber in the compatibility of softening melting, in hard plastic and soft plastic contact form a layer of adhesive layer, enhance TPE soft glue sex hard plastic bag with glue. Fake plastic bags are almost has nothing to do with the compatibility of two materials, the material of the plastic bags by mechanical force, through the design and surface treatment of mould and products through the hoop embedded role, made of soft rubber and hard rubber can joint together. Hardware package adhesive and processing hardware plastic bags shot shot stick generally adopts the secondary injection molding process, will have good hard plastic beer is fixed on the mould of plastic bags, and at the right temperature to TPE soft plastic injection shot stick to hard plastic pieces, and the cooling products. Package the adhesive and the injection temperature of shot based on the hard rubber material of the plastic bags to different. Want to consider to make the hard rubber and TPE temperature of soft glue two materials are soften, can urge two materials in contact surface reaches a certain compatibility. To achieve true effect of plastic bags, usually hardware plastic bags in 170 - PP material injection temperature 190 degrees Celsius; Encapsulates the ABS material - in 220 220 degrees Celsius; Encapsulates the PC material temperature slightly higher than plastic bags of ABS plastic injection temperature; Plastic bags PA nylon, plastic injection temperature to 240 degrees Celsius. Common hardware package adhesive and TPE material used in plastic bags of shot shot stick, TPE soft rubber as a soft rubber outer covering, the common combination of hard material is mainly plastic, metal and fabric. TPE and weaving shot stick is mainly used in luggage products, as well as with metal plastic bags, are generally false plastic bags. True plastic bags found in the secondary injection and double color injection molding, the hardware package adhesive and the body of the beam material is plastic. TPE can with the commonly used some common plastic PP, GPPS, HIPS, ABS engineering plastics and PC, PC/ABS, PA and their modified materials bonded firmly. TPE and adhesive properties of POM POM, currently in the elastomer industry, is still a problem. Because of the solubility parameters of POM SP ( 22. 6) With the SP (TPE 7. 2 - 7. 6) Far, two kinds of material itself does not have compatibility, and at present domestic haven't found the proper compatilizer prompted both good adhesion. Hardware problems that should pay attention to pack the adhesive and forming shoot 1, TPE and the compatibility of hardened cement component to match, close to molecular solubility, molecular compatibility is better; 2, in the design to avoid sharp Angle, to ensure the TPE good contact with the hard plastic piece, improve bonding effect; 3, through the appropriate exhaust with gas inside to avoid the mold cavity; 4, keep the TPE melting body temperature to ensure the bonding effect; 5, make the tactility of the thickness of the TPE and expected to achieve balance; 6, TPE material coating moulding need drying material processing again, to reduce the product surface water lines, and obtain the effect of the surface colour and lustre is uniform; 7, choose the masterbatch of the carrier resin and TPE structure materials are compatible; Eight, to smooth the surface of the special treatment, the purpose is to increase contact area, hard and soft plastic glue to strengthen bonding effect; 9, TPE should have good liquidity, because the hardware package than rubber thickness and size is small, TPE often need through the long path and thin wall area to filling the mold; 10, the length of the flow of the TPE/product thickness ratio is lower than 150:1.
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