hands-on with the $1,500 garmin marq athlete

by:Keyuan     2020-07-19
A good indicator of whether a watch like Garmin MARQ athlete is an effective daily driver is if you miss it while wearing something else.
After wearing MARQ athletes and switching back to my Apple Watch series for 4 weeks, I can say I definitely did it, but maybe not for what you would think. What is It?
The athletes are the highest.
Fitness watches produced by Garmin.
Part of the MARQ line, it should be the pinnacle of everything Garmin does in GPS --Fitness guide-
Focus, activity-Follow the market.
This is their state-of-the-art fitness watch ever, and they pack every sensor and smart trick with a stylish titanium case.
It\'s also an eye.
$400 more than the high-end watch fenix 5 Plus before Garmin. What Can It Do?
What can\'t it do?
At the heart of MARQ athletes is a fitness watch.
It can track and map your running, walking, cardio, weight lifting, cycling, swimming, golf games, hiking, yoga, triathlon. . .
MARQ has a setting if you can do it and you want to keep track of it.
In addition to simple tracking, MARQ pays attention to the training effect through the pulse Ox sensor.
With this, it can tell if your extra Saturday run is any good for you or if you\'re just blaming yourself.
The dedicated mark on the default virtual hand surface allows you to see at a glance what your maximum oxygen intake score is (
Higher numbers mean your body is more effective in filling your system with oxygen)
How long should you wait before your next workout to recover.
This is also a smart watch with notifications (
Although you can\'t really interact with them)
Support music services such as Spotify, on-
Board-level music storage, Bluetooth connection, NFC payment for Garmin Pay (ala Apple Pay)
Own App Store and more.
The battery life of the hybrid is about one week to 10 days and you don\'t need to put it on the charger every night, which also makes it a very effective sleep tracker.
This is not a plastic track timer, you will know.
The titanium case is solid but light.
A satisfying touch button.
At 46mm, it\'s just hair smaller than the middle
Fenix 5 Plus in size, but it has more presence on your wrist.
It\'s not some bland square or low-key matte black running watch, it\'s a watch worth seeing.
The silicone rubber strap complements the case well but may not be suitable for everyone (
It takes advantage of the quick release latch so you can turn it off easily).
The dome sapphire crystal face is scratch-resistant and very clear.
But there\'s a screen. . .
Take a look at this news footage with its clear, gorgeous screen.
It will only break your heart.
Because the screen of the MARQ athlete is based on Garmin\'s existing equipment technology, not the bright, clear interface that you can see whenever you look at your wrist, most of the time, when you look down, you\'ll see this: turning on the backlight does make things better, but, if you\'re used to the clarity of the Apple Watch, there\'s no doubt that it\'s a compromise.
When you walk into the bright sun, open some earbuds, play some tunes, and then go out for a run, all of this is forgotten.
MARQ athletes use aplomb as a fitness tracker.
The screen is easy to use even in sunny conditions, while wearing polarized sunglasses.
Multiple GPS and satellite sensors ensure that your operation is not only tracked correctly, but also accurate.
After running, you can browse a lot of data.
Heart rate, rhythm, training effect, altitude, etc. are the best --in-
Garmin Connect app.
The treadmill and rowing machine activity tracker is enough to keep you honest indoors (
Not as accurate as the outdoor activity tracker though).
Free Weight Sports Tracker hitor-
Very dependent on the exercises you are doing.
I would like to see a universal HIIT tracker like an Apple watch when you do a conversion between cardio, weight exercise and weight.
It\'s too easy to miss the transition to different activities and finally track the wrong things.
Can it beat the Apple Watch? It doesn\'t.
But that\'s because it\'s not needed.
When it comes to smart notifications, what you get from MARQ athletes is the same as what you get from all the other Garmin smart devices, a pop that can\'t be ignoredup.
Zero interaction.
No \"Hey Siri.
\"No quick response to text messages.
Compared to the Apple Watch Series 4, apps like Spotify are very slow to open and navigate.
But if you are buying a smartwatch that MARQ athletes are looking for, you are buying it for the wrong reason.
MARQ Athlete is a fitness tool with extra smartwatch features, not the other way around.
The data I get from the athletes every day is useful, satisfying and comprehensive, which Apple can\'t give me.
Garmin\'s secret weapon many fitness wearables collect health data-
Step, activity, heart rate, pulse cow.
But what they do with it is either present it all to you, let you sort it out, or hide it behind the simplified interface.
When connected to a MARQ athlete, Garmin Connect is like preparing a dashboard reading for my health and fitness.
Not just the original indicator (
Still easy to access)
It needs these data points and analyzes them to infer the overall health status, future competition performance, and so on.
I mentioned sleep earlier, and I continue to be impressed by Garmin\'s belief that sleep is an important part of your ability to perform, rather than some one-off stats.
How good your sleep is, how hard it is to train, your stress level, your blood oxygen level, are all reflected on your body\'s battery score.
As things change, you\'ll see useful tips on how to plan your day. Is It Worth It?
Although it has never bothered me before, at $1,500 I have to wonder if the batterypowered, 240-
Pixel screen offers the best return on investment.
The Garmin watch is expensive, but for pro (and pro-aspiring)athletes.
But the goal of the MARQ series is for those who think the watch is to pass the heir --quality items.
Personally, I never got more than four years of regular use from Garmin before the battery was no longer working.
It\'s annoying when it\'s a $300 pioneer. It\'s pearl-
The watch is shocking in this price range. Yes.
MARQ athletes will look better at the starting line than other people\'s watches, but your grandson won\'t praise it.
Should I buy it anyway?
As I said at the beginning, for me, a technical narrative is not necessarily what I think of it when I use it, but if I think about it when I\'m away
MARQ athletes are in that sweet place.
When I\'m doing things all day, I want to know how they affect my numbers in the Garmin Connect app.
Who knows what it is, not the normal ring that is being tracked (
If every time I sit down, the Apple ring congratulates me on closing it, I have $1 . . . . . . ))
I think I can make some changes.
When I wake up, I feel better prepared to make informed choices about my training.
If I need to relax a little, or more likely, I understand better how hard it is for my run, and if I need to work harder to make sure I reach my goal.
MARQ athletes will keep you honest and provide the expected end time of the game for a variety of distances.
This is a good motivation.
Wearing a Garmin MARQ athlete is a bit like having a personal trainer with you all the time, analyzing how your movements throughout the day make you a better runner, Motorcyclist, swimmer. .
No matter what you are
Garmin wanted to make a special watch for their 30 th anniversary and they have already made it with MARQ athletes.
Simply put, it\'s the state-of-the-art fitness equipment they \'ve created and the most attractive form they \'ve created.
If you\'re looking for a running watch that looks and feels high
You want to be the best athlete and your search is over.
MARQ athletes (
And all other watches in the MARQ series)
Can be found on the Garmin website.
Thanks to Garmin for providing a device for review.
My own opinion.
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