Guangdong silicone products manufacturer how to respond to environmental stress

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
As environmental pollution, environmental pressure increasing in these years, we see under the storm of environmental protection silicone products factory how to deal with? Guangdong area environmental protection policy the backlog of serious influence model city in the pearl river delta, guangdong area in a few days time companies affected, for environmental protection and energy saving, PM2. 5 average concentration limit value, average limit ozone 8 hours, the State Council of the standing committee meeting to study environmental work, for companies to make ten carry out environmental work, cling to the environmental protection work, companies in guangdong region consolidation, lead to rising raw materials, the whole industry chain, many factories closed down, many companies have a holiday in advance notice such as news, but for the silicone products is also affected by the same manufacturer, the upstream silicon raw material supply is not stable, rising raw materials, such as colour glue factory holiday in advance notice! According to the understanding of these industries affected by the spread: papermaking, printing, dyeing and printing, coating, aluminum plant, color processing factory, ceramics, plastics, metal products, stainless steel, furniture, jewelry processing, tin smelting, processing, and other areas of the sewage serious industry is the key regulation. Main area of zhaoqing, chaoshan, qingyuan, foshan, huizhou, guangzhou, dongguan, lasts from October silicone rubber products industry by industrial and commercial bureau, the environmental protection bureau and related departments sampling inspection, until the end of the year still no down, in the circle of friends from all walks of life have been circulated, today the company shut down again, this factory has been discontinued tomorrow! Facing environmental storms friends from all walks of life can gain a foothold. Written in the last word: 10 boss, nine are bitter out boss now, more than 80% are faced with pressure, the management difficulty, collapse risk funds. Especially in recent years, many enterprises are encountered difficulties. Facing the new environment, if still in accordance with the original set of do, business is become more and more difficult. If the transformation to do other, but do not understand, you are just waiting to see. In such transformation of intersection, the boss is really very bitter, very sad! Business owners want to spell, employees also want to spell! Be glad that you have work! Work well, have a good life, cherish what you have, with a grateful heart to treat your life and work! Perils of the sea by ship, the worst is the captain, the crew can escape, but the captain was loathe to give up the ship! He didn't ask you to survival with the ship, the crew can escape, but the captain was loathe to give up the ship! It's not the problem, price is out of stock. Money can't buy the arrival of the goods. Are all not in guangdong, the country. And buy and treasure!
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