\"Green\" Light Bulb Buying Guide

by:Keyuan     2020-06-27
\"Green\" is popular, and many people do their part by turning to energy --
Efficient bulb.
But, says Danny Seo, an environmental lifestyle expert, not all \"green lights\" are equal.
In the first part of the monthly early program series, Seo explains the difference between the \"regular\" bulb and the updated bulb, and how to find the right \"green\" bulb for all parts of your home and various tasks.
Compact fluorescent bulbs also save power and environment.
But many people complain that CFL bulbs are too rough and bright compared to traditional incandescent lamps.
Protesters in a shootout at Connecticut virginia Beach interrupted Harris, but Seo said it knew how to choose the right energy --
Saving the bulb for the right task will make you happy with your choice.
Fact: If every American family replaces a light bulb with only one energy star-compliant bulb, we can save enough energy to light up more than 3 million homes a year. Energy costs exceed $0. 6 billion a year to prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to 800,000 vehicles.
Fact: You save about $30 or more on electricity during the life of each bulb. The average U. S.
There are 45 light bulbs in the family;
Replace the number of 75-
Watt incandescent lamps with CFLs save $180 a year.
Fact: The heat generated by the CFL bulb is reduced by about 75%, so it is safer to operate and can reduce the energy cost of household cooling.
How to choose the right cheapest bulb: think about Ikea if the higher cost of the CFL bulb prevents you from hoarding. Its SPARSAM 3-
The CFL package costs only $3. 99 (
Available at Ikea mall).
The design life of the bulb is 6 times longer, the energy consumption is 80% lower, and the longest can be used for 6,000 hours.
The light emitted by the light bulb is rough, bright and white
Like before.
Old CFL bulb
So with these little bulbs
Used areas such as basement, laundry or garage, the quality of light is not a problem. PRICE: $3. 99; www. ikea.
Com tip: try replacing the white lampshade with a black lampshade to help spread the light.
Ikea also scored on energy.
The energy-saving bulb is designed to spread bright light into softer light.
The bulbs are also part of their SPARSAM series bulbs, which have a silicone rubber cover that helps spread light.
Use these in high-
Traffic areas where lights are constantly turned on, such as bathrooms and reading lights.
These designs can last 10,000 hours. PRICE: $8.
99 two sets, www. ikea.
Dimmable bulbs: Another big complaint about CFL bulbs is that they don\'t use dimmers.
To use a bulb with a dimmer switch, you must purchase a bulb specifically for the dimmer (
Check packaging).
GE makes some dimming compact fluorescent bulbs (
Called Energy Intelligent dimming spiral)
Specially designed for dimming switches.
GE Energy Smart Dimming spiral Price: $11. 99; www. gelighting.
Unusual fixtures: energy.
The chandelier or cosmetic mirror in the bathroom also has light bulbs.
Philips energy-saving lamp bulb is a fixed device for bathroom sink.
Since these fixtures are typically designed with exposed bulbs, Philips uses a phosphorus-coated mixture to help soften bright light and mimic the warmth of incandescent lamps.
These bulbs also consume 70% less energy than conventional bulbs.
Chandeliers, decorative candles-
Shape lights using energy-saving lighting technology.
These lights will be used with most chandeliers and clips
You can snap directly on the curtain;
This will also help spread the light a little more.
Philips candle style Price: $9.
75 A pack of three. www. nam. lighting. philips.
Incandescent lamp: compact fluorescent bulb for Westinghouse, mini
Twist style, suitable for indoor standard base lamps and lanterns. The 9-
The Watt bulb is equivalent to 40-
The average life of the bulb is 8,000 hours.
Available in Ace Hardware store. PRICE: $6. 99; www.
West into West out. com.
Philips classic is also a good choice.
Perfect High
These bulbs project soft white light for six years, making them a good, troublesome ceiling fixturefree choice. PRICE: $3. 25; www. nam. lighting. philips.
Outdoor floodlights can be a real energy pig;
The traditional spotlight uses 100 watts of energy and can be turned on all night if there is no motion sensor for outdoor floodlights at home.
Gaiam\'s floodlight looks like a normal bulb, but there is a CFL bulb inside that is covered with a hard glass cover imitating the floodlight.
It emits the same light as 100.
But use only 23 watts of energy;
Life of the bulb (10,000 hours)
The average household will save $92 in energy costs. PRICE: $16; www. gaiam.
Com solar indoor lighting: this solar energy for outdoor tool shed-
Electric shed lights are the perfect solution to install lighting where there is no existing power to work.
Brookstone\'s solar shed light uses an adjustable solar panel to charge outside during the day. Two 8-
Watt fluorescent bulbs installed inside the cabin; a full-
Charging will give you four hours of light, enough light to find what you need in the shed. PRICE: $99. 95; www. brookstone.
Next Technology: Light
It\'s a tiny, but more powerful light source-
Energy efficient fluorescent lamp.
Make LEDs that produce the equivalent of 60-
However, watt bulbs are expensive.
The price of a bulb can be as high as $75, but 10 times longer than the CFL bulb, or 60,000 hours, with a total energy cost of only $12 to provide 60,000 hours of power to the bulb.
You can\'t live without an incandescent lamp: then choose a light bulb with a lower power.
Not 60-
The light bulb in the lamp, try something with less power, such as 40-watt bulb.
It uses less power, but you won\'t save much on the cost of power, and the bulbs need to be replaced more frequently.
Tips for recycling bulbs: CFLs contains a small amount of mercury and should be properly handled
Ideally, recycling.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, CFLs contains an average of five mg of mercury, which improves the efficiency of bulbs.
But it also means you can\'t throw them away.
Energy-saving lamps must be completely regenerated.
Ikea is a national retailer with a recycling center in their store to recycle old CFL bulbs.
In addition, visit EARTH911.
Organize and enter \"CFL\" and your city/state to find a recycling center near you.
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