Good news! Chemical industry giant 'Ken' won the technology innovation

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
In mid-march, the industry watches 'plastic industry - 2019 Ringier technology innovation award ceremony in Shanghai songjiang open source names hotel the results. Mr Ken silicone Bluesil? M 8100 U HT/A platinum silicone rubber vulcanization system applied to the new energy automobile cable series products won. Graph: Mr Ken silicone silicone rubber technical manager Mr Yang Long award and deliver a speech at the event Bluesil? MF 8100 U HT/A is A platinum vulcanization silicone rubber products, metal sulfide is containing platinum vulcanizing agent are added into the silica gel products raw materials by high temperature, the hydrogen containing silicone oil with vinyl double bond silicon hydrogen addition reaction, so as to achieve the aim of crosslinking curing improve product performance and service life. Bluesil吗? M8100 U HT/A series of platinum silicone rubber vulcanization system dedicated to new energy automobile cable, high pressure for new energy automobile parts connection ( From charging, the battery, the control system to the motor and other high voltage equipment) To provide a safe and reliable power supply, and works without causing interference to other low voltage electrical equipment. This series of products adopt the high prices of platinum vulcanization system, avoid the conventional peroxide vulcanizing by-product of odour, the late bloom, more environmentally friendly. So by Bluesil? M8100 U HT/A series materials automotive cable insulation protection, is conducive to improve the cable manufacturer's site work environment, and create A safe and comfortable car inner ring. This series of products can bear high and low temperature impact, the advantages of large carrying capacity can meet the requirements of large current capacity to run for a long time, without additional conductor cross section design. At the same time with machine silicon softness make cable under the condition of small bending radius, greatly reduce the risk of stress cracking, gives the designer more free space, and easy to install. Graph: the new energy vehicles of organic silicon cable Bluesil? M8100 U HT/A series of silica gel products have excellent mechanical properties and heat resistant performance for A long time, excellent resistance to tear strength to cable outer sheath provides the security, to avoid in the process of transportation, installation and use of surface scratch and crack. In addition, Bluesil? MF 8100 U HT/A series of products with excellent insulation properties, so that even in low temperature, high temperature, moisture and ozone also can guarantee its intact, extreme environment, improve the reliability and security. The product realization of technology innovation, with excellent performance to solve the issues and challenges faced by the users, get the market's consistent high praise, in the event materials plate selection can be enough to stand out, won. Graph: Mr Ken silicone silicone rubber technical manager Mr Yang Long award and deliver a speech at the event
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