Glue advertising mark set can also do it

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
Glue mark BeiBei advertising set can also do that? Some customers know know glue process, first of all is to AB glue according to certain proportion mixed together, then pulled out of the air inside are vacuum treatment. When the glue micro shot to the mold, final reoccupy solid silica gel will use air compressor to take shape. Custom-made glue advertising often mark set of customers, should understand the glue, color has changed. i separated, design is simple and no gradient effect and so on. Silica gel technology to detect the glue process cannot adapt to the market demand, in the future will start to process improvement, in the traditional craft of IRM found inspiration. Silica gel after tens of thousands of times of private science and technology, to solve the color no, color easy to scrape, set a product not familiar problem, etc. Through the market test of thought on customizing and produced hundreds of ads mark set, all customer complaints to zero without quality problem. Glue advertising mark set can also do this, the silicone technology can do product overall image lifelike and exquisite, color and pattern are not restricted without simplifying design. Silicon technology not only has new technology, also has certain research and development ability, the factory has dozens of experienced designers, engineers, can provide customers solve product design and mold development problem. Silicone technology also has a strong production capacity at the same time, factory has dozens of vulcanization machines, automatic vulcanizing machine 2 sets, anti-static processing equipment, food processing equipment, pad printing equipment and other production equipment. Employee on-boarding training needs, set the inspection bonus every month. Employees enthusiasm high work enthusiasm, nissan cup set can reach tens of thousands of pieces, ensure timely completion of delivery. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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