Gift giving is the silica gel gifts

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
When friends, lover, family, birthday, anniversary, or we will send gifts to express their thoughts. Many sales promotion activity is no exception. But when the gift is much, only to be repeated, or too old, otherwise is not new. Today, I would like to recommend some small gift giving practical silicone! Silicone bracelet: one hundred percent silicone production, have a certain tension and softness, and therefore easy to deformation and immediately restore; Silicone wrist band with wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no poison, tasteless, no side effect to human body, and soft, no crack, long service life and do not stimulate the skin, silicone wrist band is the real green environmental protection act the role ofing is tasted. Can design a variety of different fonts, colors, and color appearance design, concise, beautiful, fashionable, unique color variety, is now the European and American countries such as the most popular fashion accessories, compare halfback is popular a kind of color silicone accessories, cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood you! Wear in hand, is an idolater and promotion of fashion products, silica gel hand ring is suitable for all kinds of amusement parks, and group activities, branding, and other sports together but also as gifts, souvenirs, advertising promotional gifts. Silica gel stick: smart phones for mobile phones in recent years after the advent of everyday items also increase gradually, also can begin to connect with smart devices, become more convenient and can be with software and hardware makes you want to be perfect, whether on a plane, bus, or outdoor, the use of mobile phones, the silica gel products can provide you with a fixed effect, especially in the movies, both hands is not convenient when it is more easy to use! Silicon earphone: silicon earphone can reflect better after wearing comfort, soft material silicon earphone can let you accessories for ear pain does not have any effect for a long time, so this is you can be considered a thing! Silicone stent: silicone stent everyone is strange, certainly also has lots of materials and all sorts of design make a person dazzling. Today what I said is silicone material. Silicone stent fine texture soft, harmless to the human body. Belong to you and can accept customized, is a person's mobile phone support. Unique, think about all happy. The silicone band: watches accessories has become a symbol of identity. So, strap is a top priority. Some precious metals like metal material, crocodile skin, cowhide material and so on, are generally more costly, its price is also high. And silicone strap is a kind of environmentally friendly non-toxic tasteless health and safety of the material, are free to customize its colors, hardness, strength, quality, and weight. Smooth and soft, smooth texture and soft handle. It can not only resistant to high temperature and low temperature, from minus 90 degrees Celsius to above 300 degrees Celsius zero is not bad, but also has a strong water resistance and corrosion resistance, there will be no bacterial growth, the most important thing is that it can achieve decades of life, one of the absolutely is the preferred material for strap. Love him, She) Give him ( She) One of the best. Silicone protective case: as the silicone soft close skin, soft texture, plasticity and other characteristics, make all kinds of popular new, beautiful beautiful cell phone sets. Silica gel gloves: just out of the pot of braise in soy sauce meat, just ShengHaoDe spareribs soup, fresh from the oven out delicious baked cake, etc. , but the heat is not retreated, kitchen we need low temperature cold and caring hands to caress, as a result, we all need to give the person I love a pair of insulating gloves, protecting hands, isolation burns. Easily isolate 240 degrees high temperature. Silicone products, non-toxic harmless, long life, safe and more healthy! Add bright beautiful beautiful color, lively and lovely shape when I saw it at first glance, that it. Silica gel is a kind of non-toxic, no smell, environmental protection biodegradable no harm to human body, has excellent heat-resistant properties, weather resistance, electrical insulation properties, physiological inertia, low surface tension and low surface energy of a material. And raw material is not country increasingly shortage of petroleum resources, this makes the silica gel is finding wider and wider application in our country. Made of silica gel into various beautiful creative small adorn article, not only beautiful and healthy enough. More exquisite silicone gift custom, to assign the silicone products manufacturers!
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